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Crochet a floral rug

Crochet a floral rug
Posted on 7-4-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Cheer yourself up with this beautiful crocheted floral rug! This peaceful rug with playful touch is completely made of little flowers. Put them together and your room, kitchen or bathroom is pimped! Read on for the free pattern. 

The name 'floral rug' says it all: a rug completely made of flowers! You are totally free to decide the size of the carpet. The more flowers you have, the greater the rug will become. We use the solid ribbon yarn Katia Big Ribbon and got 8 flowers from one ball. We have put them together in a square, but of course you can attach the flowers differently and create another shape. For example, you can also make simple a round or diamond shaped rug. Feel free to create your own exclusive rug!

Measurement: 80 x 50 cm

What do you need to crochet a floral rug?

- 4 balls of Katia Big Ribbon colour 12
- 1 ball of Phildar Phil Coton 3 colour 48
Wool needle
- Crochet hook no.15

Crochet pattern floral rug:

Start with a magic ring and sc 12 in the ring. Close the ring with a sl st.

*ch 3, yo, insert the hook in the same st as where you started the ch 3, and pull up a loop as long as 2 chains, repeat again in the same stitch. Do the same twice in the next st (2nd sc in the magic ring). You now have a total of 9 loops on your hook, yo again and pull the yarn through all 9 loops. ch 3 and sc 1 in the next st.* Repeat ** 5x, but start each petal with ch 2.

Make 32 flowers.

Once all the flowers are done, sew them togheter with Phil coton 3 (see illustration), starting with the red lines.


Katia Big Ribbon
The Big Ribbon yarn of Katia is a thick ribbon yarn that is perfectly suitable for making home-deco projects. The light elastic yarn is available in different natural and fashionable colours. Decorate your home with a selfmade pouf, cushion or a beautiful floral rug!

Alternative yarns
Do you prefer to crochet with an other yarn? Take a look at the balls of Katia NorthDrops Paris Polaris and Katia Artico. Three different yarns with a different structure, but with an unique look for home-deco projects.

What colour would you pick for making this rug, and which shape do you love best?

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