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New: Phildar Phil Papier

New: Phildar Phil Papier
Posted on 8-5-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar Phil Papier, a super fun and brand new yarn to start the summer successfully! It is something different, a yarn of made paper, that has a whole different structure than other yarns. Therefore it is ideal for summer projects like a beach bag, summer hat or trendy clutch.

The new yarn from Phildar is something different! Phil Papier is made of 100% paper fiber and suitable for crochet and knitting. Because the yarn is stiff and strong, it is extremely suitable for summer and home deco projects. Coasters for your cocktails, a basket for your magazines, a beautiful (beach) bag or summer hat. With Phil Papier you can create them all! So, what are you waiting for?

Do you want to know what you can make with Phil Papier? In the new Phildar No. 590 2015 Phil Papier you can find 9 beautiful models for the hottest accessories. Whether you make a vase, placemat or trendy clutch, the summervibes will be felt throughout your whole house or wardrobe. Stylish projects are guaranteed!

The pocket magazine Phildar No. 590 contains both crocheted and knitted models. To get an idea how many balls a project needs, we give a short overview below.

Blue shopper: 7 balls
Vase: 3 balls
Pouch: 1 ball
Coasters: 1 ball of each colour
Clutch: 3 balls

Fringe bag: 5 balls
Hat: 2 balls
Placemats: 3 balls
Grey shopper: 7 balls

Are you inspired to create something of your own with this beautiful new quality? Tell us about your favourite project!

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