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Crochet an Infinity Scarf with Katia Alaska

Crochet an Infinity Scarf with Katia Alaska
Posted on 24-9-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet an infinity scarf - Yes, we can start again! Winter is coming and therefore the scarf season is back. Because one can never have enough scarves, right? Endless combinations of different scarves, providing each outfit with an unique look. Lovely right? This time we will crochet an infinity scarf with two colours. Nice and warm, ideal to combine with a sturdy jacket! 

With the cold weather coming up, we cannot get enough of scarves! Quickly wrap them around your neck and you are ready for a cold winter day. We have a big collection: long scarves, pointy scarves and... infinity scarves! This infinity scarf made of Katia Alaska is soft, royal and totally trendy.

What do you need?

- 3 balls Katia Alaska colour 10 dark grey
- 2 balls Katia Alaska colour 9 light grey
Crochet hook no. 9 and 10
Stitch ring markers

Stitches used:
ch.         = chain
sl. st.     = slip stitch
dc.         = double crochet

Note: this pattern is written in U.S. terms.

Crochet Pattern Infinity Scarf:

The foundation chain has to be a multiple of 3.

Crochet with dark grey a foundation chain of 144 ch. with crochet hook 10, or real loosely with crochet hook 9. Join the chain with a sl.st. in the first ch. (make sure the chain is not twisted).

1st row:  1 dc. in each ch.

2nd row: ch.3 (this is your first dc.), ch.1, 1 dc. in the same stitch, skip 2 dc. *in the next dc. 1 dc., ch.1, 1 dc., skip 2 dc.* Repeat from *to*. Join with a sl.st. in the upper ch. of the 3 ch. Pull your loop a little longer and attach a stitch ring marker. Do not cut your yarn.

3th row: Attach the light grey yarn in the first opening of ch.1, crochet 3 ch. (this is your first dc), 1 ch., 1 dc. * In the next opening of 1 ch., crochet 1 dc., 1 ch., 1 dc.* Repeat from *to*. When you end this row with a sl.st. in the upper chain, make sure that your loop and your thread is in front of your work. Pull again a big loop and switch the stitch ring marker from the loop of row 2, to the loop of row 3.

4th row: Put your crochet hook in the loop of row 2, and pull the loop tight. Crochet 3 ch. (this is your first dc.), 1 ch. 1 dc. in the opening that lies under your 3 foundation ch. (the dc. is crocheted around row 2 and 3). You'll get a v-stitch (1 dc., 1 ch., 1 dc.). In this way, create between each v-stitch of row 3 a v-stitch. End with sl.st. The thread and loop of row 3 can stay at the back of your work. Pull a loop and switch the stitch ring marker.

5th row: Pull your light grey loop to the front throughout the darkgrey v-stitch (the one that is right in front of your loop). Ch. 3, ch. 1, 1 dc., the dc. in the same opening around the stitch of row 4.

6th until 24th row: Repeat row 4 and 5 alternately. Fasten off your light grey yarn at row 23.

25th row: ch. 3., 2 dc. in the next opening of ch 1., * 1 dc. in the next opening (between 2 v-stitches), 2 dc. in the next opening of ch.1* Repeat from * to *

To finish up, crochet on both sides of the scarf a sl.st. with light grey.

Take a look at the scheme of the rows below. The end is not displayed in this scheme.

Crochet this scarf with a different yarn?

Do you want to crochet this scarf, but you rather want to use a different yarn? Take a look at Katia Merino Grosso, Katia Maxi Merino or Lana Grossa Bingo Alpaca. These are three fantastic yarns that are very suitable to use for this pattern.


Katia Alaska has a lot of different colours which you can combine endlessly. We have presented three options, which colour combination would you pick? 

Are you looking for more patterns of scarves? Take a look at our Canada snood, the Rico Creative Twist snood, or the crocheted lace scarf!

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