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Home Decoration with Katia Big Ribbon

Home Decoration with Katia Big Ribbon
Posted on 1-10-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Home decoration with Katia Big Ribbon - The nicest accessories are home made! What do you think about a cool bag, a royal cushion or a trendy phone case? With the patterns of Katia you can make the most beautiful items for in- and outdoors. Let yourself be inspired by the pattens with Big Ribbon! 

Big Ribbon is a firm ribbon yarn of Katia. This yarn is especially suitable for making home decorations, like a carpet, basket, cushion or pouf. Of course you can make a lot more, because Katia Big Ribbon is also convenient for a cool bag or a pair of comfortable slippers. This yarn is ideal for products that need firmness and need to be wear resistant.

Crochet pattern phone cover

We use only one ball of Big Ribbon for making a trendy phone cover. The balls are available in many different colours, so pick your favourite and start crocheting! Of course it is nice to make it for yourself, but it is also fun to give away as a present. You can download the free pattern of the phone cover here.

Materials for a phone case:
- 1 ball Katia Big Ribbon (colour of your own preference)
- Crochet hook nr.9

More ideas with Katia Big Ribbon:

1. Phone cover - Free download above.
2. Bag - Magazine Katia Beginners no.4
3. Slippers - Download the free pattern
4. Cushion- Magazine Katia Accessoires no.9
5. Tablet cover - Magazine Beginners no.4
6. Basket - Download the free pattern
7. Tas - Magazine Beginners no.4
8. Pillow cover - Magazine Accessoires no.9

The examples above are made in deep green and blue shades. Do you prefer to use other colours? No problem! Katia Big Ribbon is available in 34 different colours!

Crochet a cute rug
Are you looking for more inspiration? Earlier, we crocheted a rug with Big Ribbon. This calm rug with a playful touch consists only of flowers! Make the flowers first, join them together and customize your livingroom, bathroom or kitchen! Take a look at the free pattern here.

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