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Rico Winter Yarns '15/'16

Rico Winter Yarns '15/'16
Posted on 6-10-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Rico introduces a bunch of beautiful new qualities this winter. They are responding to the latest trends by launching a lot of new pretty colours. Are you looking for a suitable yarn for a long vest, a luxurious cushion or that oversized sweater you had in mind for ages? Take a peak at the new Rico winter yarns!

This year, Rico is better, prettier and more trendy than ever! We can see that in the new winter yarns, but also in the design of their new books. In these books you can find the most magnificent pictures of the projects, and the patterns are articulated very well. Whether you are looking for new, edgy models or that one simple sweater, you can turn to Rico! Choose one of the fashionable balls, a cool colour and be ready for a colourful winter! Are you ready to try?

Essentials Mohair - Fashion Big Mohair - Fashion Gigantic Mohair

This winter, Rico is presenting no less than three new qualities with mohiar. The Essentials Mohair is the thinnest of the three, with a soft and refined structure. The Fashion Big Mohair is living up to its name with a thread suitable for needle 10. Its big brother, the Fashion Gigantic Mohair is suitable for needles 15-20. With all of these yarns, you can create the most prettiest projects. Use the fine structure of the Essentials Mohair or make a nice chunky scarf with Gigantic Mohair. All yarns are available in pretty pastel shades, but also in fierce colours.

Fashion Light Luxury - Essentials Alpaca Blend Chunky - Fashion Bouclé

These yarns are brand new in our assortment. They all consist partly of alpaca wool, and therefore feel extremely soft. The Fashion Light Luxury is a light yarn with a luxurious appearance, and therefore very suitable for nice scarves, accessories and vests. The Essentials Alpaca Blend Chunky is a combination of alpaca and acrylic. This combination makes the yarn soft, fluffy and non-itchy. The Fashion Bouclé might be the biggest surprise of Rico. This yarn is a mix of wool and polyamide, which makes it very strong. The bouclé or loops give your project a nice and cuddly effect!

Creative Twist - Essentials Cashlana Chunky - Fashion Metallisé

These last three new winter yarns give your knitting- or crocheting project a nice edge. The Creative Twist is a thick yarn with a rough structure. The addition of alpaca makes it lovely and soft for the nicest projects. The Essentials Cashlana Chunky consists partly of cashmere and therefore has a soft and luxurious look. The Fashion Métallisé is the most glamorous yarn of this winter. The thread with a metallic glance looks elegant and chique, and is ideal for breezy, fashionable knitting projects.

Rico Knitting Kits

We have composed a nice knitting kit of these two designs. Nice and easy because you will have the pattern and the right amount of balls you need with one click. The Essentials Mohair Sweater is soft, breezy and colourful. The Fashion Bouclé Vest is knitted in soft tones, but is super trendy just like the Mohair sweater!

What do you think about Rico's new winter yarn qualities? 
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