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Circular Knitting Needles: Vario Needle Tips and Wires

Circular Knitting Needles: Vario Needle Tips and Wires
Posted on 20-10-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Knitting can be done on various sorts of needles. Besides basic and double pointed needles in different sizes and mm., there are also circular knitting needles and knitting looms. This time we highlight the Vario needle points and wires, which have endless usage possibilities. Ideal for the most beautiful knitting projects!

Are you also fond of circular knitting needles? With the Vario needle tips and wires you can vary endlessly. Not only the variety in mm. is ideal, but Lana Grossa also provides us with a diversity of materials. From brass to wood and bamboo, and all kinds of lengths in wires for the most divergent projects. The cherry on top of the cake is the ease of these needles, which allow every wire to be attached to different needle tips. In this way, you only have to order the needles and wires once, and you can forever use them for different projects!

Different sorts of Vario Needle Tips and Wires


The Lana Grossa Vario Wires are suitable to put on each Vario needle tip and are available in different lengths. You can choose from lengths 40, 60, 80, 100 and 120 cm, whereby the needle tips are includes in the cm. These wires are very eligible for big as well as small projects.

Vario Design-Holz

The Vario Design-Holz Needle Tips are made of wood. The layered structure makes the needles extra strong and the colour design gives them a chic look. The smooth finishing make the needles easy to use.

Vario Design holz short

Besides the normal length, the Vario Design-Holz Needle Tips are also available in a short variant. These shorter needle tips are specially made for smaller projects that require exact lengths.

Vario Brass

Besides the wooden needle tips there are also needle tips made of brass. These Vario Brass Needle Tips are light weighted and very smooth. Your knitting work slides easily from your needles and therefore they are ideal to quickly knit a hat or scarf!

Vario Natur-Holz 

Besides the Design-Holz needles, Lana Grossa has wooden circular knitting needles in the Vario series. These Vario Natur-Holz Needle Tips are made of untreated birch wood. They are light weighted and very stable.

Vario Bambus

Finally there are the Lana Grossa Vario Bambus Needle Tips. These needles made of bamboo are comfortable to hold, feel very light and have an extremely smooth structure. Make the most beautiful summer and winter projects with the Vario Needle Points!

Complete sets 

Do you want to order everything at once? With the Lana Grossa Vario Natur-Holz Circular Knitting Needles Set you have a complete set with the most beautiful needle tips and all lengths of wires. Nice to treat yourself or to buy as a present for the holidays!

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