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Crochet a Spider for Halloween

Crochet a Spider for Halloween
Posted on 24-10-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet a Spider - Screaming witches, cute ghosts and freaky spiders; Halloween is a creepy and cosy party! Of course, spooky items cannot be lacked at this occasion, and therefore we crochet a soft, scary spider. Go and freak out your little ones.. 

This spider isn't scary for no reason, it is living up to its name! Insert your finger in the loop, hide the spider in your hand and throw it unexpectedly in the air. We tested them and it works! Surprise your little ones with this scary cute spider and have fun together at Halloween.

-  1 ball of Yarn and Colors Must-have 097 Shadow, 063 Ice Blue, 100 Black, 020 Orange and 032 Pepper
Crochet hook 2 mm
- Stuffing 
Prym Stitch Ring Markers
2 safety eyes 6 mm

Stitches used:
Sl.st.   = slip stitch
Sc.     = single crochet
Ch.     = chain

The total number of st. is displayed between () at the end of each row. 

Tip: * If you do not want to lose the beginning of the row, use a stitch ring marker. This marker is easily put in the 1st sc. of the row, and is taken up in each row up.

Due to the sizes this crochet spider is not suitable for children under the age of 3! 

The spiders in the example are crocheted with colors Shadow and Orange. The dots on the back are made with colors Black and Pepper. The web thread is made using Ice Blue. The legs of the spider are crocheted directly on the body!

Crochet pattern spider:

Row 1: In a magic loop, sc. 6 or start the following way: ch. 1, sc. 6 in the first ch., sc. 1 in the first sc. (6).
Row 2: Sc. 2 in each st. (12).
Row 3: Sc. 2 in each 2nd st. (18).
Row 4: Sc. 1, *Sc. 2 in the next st, sc. 2*. Repeat *- *, until the end of the row but end with sc. 1 (24).
Row 5: Sc. 24 (24).
Row 6: Sc. 2 in each 4th st. (30).
Row 7: The number of st. in this row remains the same, but you are going to make the starting loops for the spiders web and the legs.

Sc. 2 in the back loops so that there are 2 single loops at the outside of your work. Sc. 2. *Sl. st in the next st. in the front loop so that there is a single loop on the inside of your work. Ch. 10, sl.st. 9 in the ch. Attach the leg with a sl. st to the sc. where you started the ch. Sc. 1 in the next st.* Repeat *- *, tot. 4 x. Sc. 9. Repeat *- *, tot. 4x and end your row with sc. 1 (30).

Row 8: Sc. 30. Include the single loops under the legs of the previous row. (30).
Row 9: Decrease 6 st. Cluster sc. each 4th and 5th st. together. (24).
Row 10: Decrease 6 st. Cluster sc. each 3rd and 4th st. together. (18).
Row 11: Decrease 6 st. Cluster sc. each 2nd and 3rd st. together. (12).

Fill the body with stuffing.

Row 12: Decrease 6 st. Cluster sc. each 2 st. together. (6). Pull your yarn through the last 6 st. and close the hole.

Row 1:
 In a magic ring sc. 6, or start the following way: ch. 2, sc. 6 in the first ch., sl.st. in the first sc. (6).
Row 2: Sc. 2 in each st. (12).
Row 3: Sc. 2 in each 4th st (15).
Row 4 - 6: Sc. 15 each row (15). Cast off and leave a long thread on your work for finishing.

Attach the safety eyes between row 1 and 2.

Stuff the head and attach it to the front of the body with small stitches (the widest part between the legs).

Cut a yarn in the colour of the body. Tie a knot in one of the ends of the yarn. Insert the yarn in two rows through the head to the upper side of the head and pin it through a sc. to the outside. Tighten it. The knot can be pulled in through the rows but stays put behind the sc. on top of the head. Repeat this 4 times. Cut the yarns shortly to the head and rub it so its gets a little fluffy.

Spiders web thread:
Attach a new yarn Ice Blue from the front up in the outside loops of row 7. Ch. 101 and sl. st. 20. Make a loop by crocheting 2 sl. st. in the first 2 sl.st. Sl.st. 80 until you are at the body and attach it with 1 sl. st. to the other outside loop of row 7. Cast off the yarns.

Make with Pepper or Blackrdots on top of the body of the spider.

More crochet projects for Halloween?
Besides this spider you can of course make more scary, cute stuff for Halloween! Earlier, we made Halloween lanterns and a cuddly ghost. What is your favourite gadget for Halloween?

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