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Crochet a Christmas Stocking

Crochet a Christmas Stocking
Posted on 24-11-2015 by api_more2make.nl

Ho, ho, ho, Christmas is coming! It is only a while until Santa starts sharing his gifts. Have you already pimped your house in Christmas atmospheres? With these cool Christmas stockings you can kill two birds with one stone. They bring cosiness to your home and who knows, maybe Santa will leave a present... Quickly read on for the free crochet pattern of this stylish Christmas stocking!

There are two different patterns. The red/pink sock consists of hexagonal granny's. This pattern is suitable for the more novice crocheter, but do not be afraid to try it out! The silver sock is a bit easier to make and therefore suitable for beginning crocheters.

Crochet a Christmas Stocking with Paillettes

Both socks are made with Phildar Paillettes. This chic yarn with paillettes provides your project with the Christmas feeling immediately. Moreover we have used Phildar Partner 3.5 in the colours red and pink, but of course you can choose any colour you like. Green and red, blue and green, pink and khaki: the possibilities are endless!

Stitches used:
Ch.       = chain
Sl.st.    = slip stitch
Sc.       = single crochet
Hdc.    = half double crochet
Dc.      = double crochet
Trc.     = triple crochet

Materials grey stocking with bow and stars:
- 2 balls Phildar Paillette colour 4
- 1 ball Phildar Strass Light colour 103
- 1 ball Phildar Neige colour 1
- Crochet hooks no. 4 and no. 2 for the stars
- leftovers coloured yarn

Crochet pattern Grey Stocking
Start at the foot with a magic loop.
Row 1: Ch. 3 ( = 1st dc.), dc. 7 in magic loop (8 dc.) Close with a sl.st.
Row 2: Dc. 2 in each st. (16 dc.)
Row 3: Ch. 2 ( = 1st dc.), dc. 1 in same st., dc. 1, *dc. 2 in next st., dc. 1* Repeat *-* (24 dc.)
Row 4: Ch. 2 ( = 1st dc.), dc. 1 in same st., dc 1 in next 2 st., *dc. 2 in next st., dc. 1 in next 2 st.* Repeat *-* (32 dc.)
Row 5: Ch. 2, dc. 1 in same st., dc. 1 in next 3 st., *dc. 2 in next st., dc. 1 in next 3 st.* Repeat *-* (40 dc.)
Row 6: Ch. 2, dc. 1 in same st., dc. 1 in next 4 st., *dc. 2 in next st., dc. 1 in next 4 st.* Repeat *-* (48 dc.)
Rows 7 - 16: Dc. 48.

Heel: Rows 17 - 23: These rows are not crocheted in rounds but after dc. 15 you make a turning ch. and turn your work. Each row, dc. 15. Cast off and fold the dc. 15 in double and close the seam on the back of the heel.

Leg: Cast on a yarn in the mid back of the heel and continue crocheting in rounds.
Toer 1: Dc. 11 on the piece of the heel, dc. 33 on top of the foot, dc. 11 on the last piece of the heel. (= 55 dc.)
Toer 2: Dc. 25, cluster 2 dc. together, dc. 1, cluster 2 dc. together, dc. 25 (= 53 dc.)
Toer 3: Dc. 26, cluster 2 dc. together, dc. 25 (= 52 dc.)
Toer 4 t/m 22: Dc. 52. Change yarns. (neige)
Toer 23 t/m 26: Dc. 52. Cast off.
Ch. 18 at the mid back to make a loop to hang your stocking.

Stars: Start with making 10 diamonds. You will put these together to make 1 star.

For the bigger star, ch. 2 with hook no. 2.
Make a turning ch. each row.
At the end of each row, sc. 2 in the last st.
Continue until you have 11 st. in total.
From now on you are going to decrease by skipping the first st. each row. End with 1 sc.

For the little star, ch. 2 and increase until you have 9 st., then start to decrease the same way as the star above.

Attach the diamonds together so that they form a star. Put the 2 start on top of each other and crochet them together with a row of sc. When you are using a coloured yarn the star gets a nice and colourful edge. Stuff the star and close it.

Finally, you crochet a chain that is used to pull through the stocking. Ch. 151 and make a wrong side row of sc.

Materials red/pink stocking with granny's:
- 1 ball Phildar Paillette colour 4
- 1 ball Phildar Partner 3.5 colour 18 and 84
- Crochet hook no.4

Crochet pattern Christmas Stocking with Granny's:
Start with a magic loop and ch. 3 ( = 1st dc.), dc. 17 in the loop (18 dc.). Close with a sl.st.
Row 2: *ch 5, sc in the 2nd ch from the hook, hdc in next ch,  dc in next ch, trc in last ch, skip 2 sts of row 1 and attach the tip of the star to the 3rd dc with a sl st.* Repeat ** 5x. Cut the yarn. Change colour.
Row 3: Insert the hook in the back loop when working into the bottom of the star points. Attach yarn to corner, work sc in that sc. hdc in next st, dc in next st, trc in next st. Work the next st and first st of the second star point together as a trc2tog. trc in next st, dc in next st, hdc in next st. *sc in the star point, hdc, dc, trc, trc2tog, trc, dc, hdc.*
Repeat ** 4x. Close the row with a sl st Change colour.
Row 4: ch 2 (= 1st sc), sc 2 in same st, sc 7, *sc 3 in same st, sc 7.* Repeat ** 4x. Close the row with a sl st.
Row 5: ch 2, *sc 3 in next st, sc 9.* Repeat ** 5x. sc 8 on last side.

Make 17 granny squares.

Attach the granny’s with a needle and thread. Put the right sides on each other and take the inside loops. Put your granny's as is displayed on Chart 1 & 2 and close the seams.

Now, put the shaft and the foot together (see the red line on chart 1 and 2). Fold the stocking as is shown on Chart 3, with the right sides on each other. This way, you can see exactly which granny's are supposed to be attached together. Lastly, close the toe. Crochet a chain of 18 st. to make a loop for hanging the stocking.


Crocheting Christmas decorations

Do you want to create more Christmas decorations besides these stockings? What do you think about a crocheted Christmas tree, a snowman and a Christmas star? Let the holidays come, we are ready!

Do you receive your presents underneath the Christmas tree or do you hang a Christmas Stocking?

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