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Knitting a Spring Jacket

Knitting a Spring Jacket
Posted on 24-2-2016 by api_more2make.nl


Knitting a Spring Jacket - Spring is almost here and we cannot wait to start our spring and summer projects. Fresh colours, new yarns and stylish models: the new season brings us in higher spirits. Want to get started on your spring and summer projects? Continue reading for the free pattern of this lovely jacket! 

The new yarn Phil Noé of Phildar is the ultimate summer yarn. This yarn, made of 50% cotton and 50% acrylic, is soft, light and ideal for making airy projects. The supple thread has a braided structure making it strong and wear resistant. For this jacket we have used colours Eglantine 3, Blanc 10, Ivoire 5 and Perle 6 of Phil Noé.

Which colour combination would you pick?
The yarn has a palette of 10 different colours which can be combined endlessly. Of course you can make the jacket in the same colours as ours, but there are other pretty shades to use for making this spring jacket! Pick the cool blue shades or choose a combination of pink and blue. Take a look below for our favourite colour combinations.

Colours: Blanc 10 - Perle 6 - Ciel 7 - Neptune 8

Colours: Ivoire 5 - Eglantine 3 - Oeillet 2 - Pastèque 1

Colours: Eglantine 3 - Oeillet 2 - Ciel 7 - Marine 56

34/36 - 38/40 - 42/44 - 46/48 - 50/52

Materials spring jacket:
- 4,4,4,5,5 balls Phildar Noé colour Eglantine 3, Blanc 10 en Ivoire 5
- 2,2,3,3,3 balls Phildar Noé colour Perle 6
Knitting needles no. 3,5
Stitch ring markers

Stitches used:
Striped Garter Stitch: *2 rows colour 3, 2 rows colour 10, 2 rows colour 6, 2 rows colour 5, 2 rows colour 3, 2 rows colour 10, 2 rows colour 5*, repeat from *to* (total 14 rows).

In Garter stitch needles no. 3,5, 24 sts. and 48 rows = 10 x 10 cm

Knitting Pattern Spring Jacket:

Take a look at the knitting pattern here!

Have you knitting the spring jacket? We are curious to see your result and colour combinations. Send a picture to [email protected] and who knows your creation will feature our Wool of Fame!

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