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Knitting a Poncho Top - Free Summer Pattern!

Knitting a Poncho Top - Free Summer Pattern!
Posted on 17-3-2016 by api_more2make.nl

A fashionable poncho top with fringes is the perfect item for creating the ultimate Bohemian summer look. This airy and light top with playful fringing is all we need this summer! Show off during the festival season or on the beach with your own trendy poncho top. Grab your needles and some yarn, then continue reading for the free pattern so you can get started knitting a poncho top right away!

This poncho top made with Phil Madrague, which is soft, airy and ideal for warm spring and summer days. This thin, high-quality ribbon yarn is made from 100% cotton, making this poncho incredibly comfortable to wear. Knitting this top is fairly easy with size 6.5 and 7 mm knitting needles. And the result is stunning! Combine this top with a pair of rugged jeans, a colorful dress or even wear it over your bikini when you're at the beach. You can order the complete knitting kit here! Isn't it just the ultimate Bohemian summer look?

Sizes: a) 34/36, b) 38/40, c) 42/44, d) 46/48, e) 50/52.

- 9, 10, 11, 11 or 12 balls Phildar Madrague
Knitting needles size 6.5 and 7 mm
Stitch marker rings

Phildar Phil Madrague is available in a range of beautiful colors which would suit this poncho top perfectly. Which color would you pick?

Knitting Pattern Poncho Top

Stitches used:
Garter stitch (knit on both the right and wrong sides of your work)
Stockinette stitch (knit on the right side and purl on the wrong side of your work)

st(s) = stitch(es)

With size 7 mm knitting needles, 15 sts and 21 rows = 10 x 10 cm. The poncho should be knitted loosely.

Back and Front

The front and back of poncho are each worked in two pieces (4 panels in total), starting in the center of the back/front.

Begin with the back panels.

Using size 6.5 mm needles, cast on a) 80, b) 81, c) 83, d) 84, e) 86 sts. Place a stitch marker ring between the 32nd st from the right (= the 32 sts on the right form the neckline) and the a) 48th, b) 49th, c) 51st, d) 52nd, e) 54th st from the left (= these sts on the left form the center seam on the front/back).

Knit 3 cm in garter stitch (8 rows = 4 garter ridges), then continue in stockinette stitch using size 7 mm needles.

Once you’ve reached a height of a) 28 cm (58 rows), b) 29.5 cm (62 rows), c) 31.5 cm (66 rows), d) 33.5 cm (70 rows), e) 36.5 cm (76 rows) above the garter stitch section, cast off loosely and place a stitch marker between the a) 37th, b) 38th, c) 40th, d) 41st, e) 43rd st from the right (= the sts on the right are for the armhole) and the 43rd st from the left (= the sts on the left form the side seam).

Knit the second panel for the back, but in mirror image (so swap over the numbers of stitches either side of the stitch marker each time).

For the front, knit 2 panels (1 normal, 1 mirror image) just as you did for the back.

Putting it together

Attach the 2 back panels, joining them along the center seam up to the height of the a) 48th, b) 49th, c) 51st, d) 52nd, e) 54th st that was marked at the beginning. Repeat this for the front panels.

Close up the shoulder seams and close up the side seams up to the height of the 43rd st, as marked.

Make the fringing for along the sides and armholes as follows: cut 3 strands, each 55 cm long, and fold them in half to create a loop. Using a crochet hook, pull the loop through 2 sts along the sides, then pass the ends through the loop and pull to tighten. Place 1 fringe on each of the shoulder seams, then attach the rest of the fringe with equal spaces between them (roughly every 2 stitches). Trim them all neatly to a length of 25 cm.

For extra support, make two cords of 2 x 2 strands, each 70 cm long. Sew them on at the height of the shoulder seams and tie them in a bow at the back.


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