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byClaire nr. 3 Sparkle - Sparkling good!

byClaire nr. 3 Sparkle - Sparkling good!
Posted on 12-4-2016 by api_more2make.nl

ByClaire nr. 3 Sparkle - After the great success of byClaire nr. 1 and nr. 2, famous Dutch blogger Claire Boeter is spoiling us again with a brand new beautiful yarn. ByClaire nr. 3 is 'the' glitter yarn of this moment. Scarves, wraps, accessories and home deco will get an extra sparkling look! Continue reading for all ins and outs on this new yarn!  

The latest addition to Claire Boeter's yarn brand is this gorgeous byClaire nr.3 - Sparkle! This beautiful glitter yarn consists of 75% cotton and 25% polyester and has an open structured thread. What's even better is that the 18 different colours are fully in line with the colours of the other byClaire yarns. Combining yarns was never this fun and easy!

byClaire nr. 3 Sparkle:

  • Number of colours: 18
  • Needle Size: 4
  • Weight: 50 grams
  • Length: 130 meters
  • Gauge: 10 x10 cm: 21 stitches x 30 rows
  • Composition: 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester

It's best to use needles size 4 with this yarn. Of course when you want to create a more firm or supple project you can use smaller or bigger sized needles. What do you think about knitting a nice and comfy scarf in combination with the soft mix byClaire nr. 2 or a crochet a cute amigurumi combined with the glossy cotton yarn byClaire nr. 1!

What's so special about this yarn? Take a look at the endless possibilities of beautiful colour combinations. And don't you love the gorgeous little lurex glitter yarn in a complementing shade? The glitter thread of the pastel yarns even have a pearly shimmering effect. The romantic pastels, cheerful bright or the chic golden colours, which one is your favourite?

byClaire Sparkle week at Yarnplaza.com!

Specially for the launch of this new yarn, Yarnplaza.com is organizing an exclusive byClaire Sparkle week! The week of Monday 11th until Sunday the 17th of April  2016 we have some great surprises in store for you. From free patterns, and a free byClaire shopper when you order 6 balls or more; it's going to be a sparkling feast! Make sure you keep an eye on our website!

Everything about byClaire

Dutch crochet blogger Claire Boeter started out with her own blog and launched several books full of gorgeous crochet inspiration. ByClaire stands for inspiration, exclusive materials, trendy designs and beautiful colours. Besides her yarns and books, the ByClaire Fabrics are very popular.

What is your favourite item from the byClaire line?

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