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Knit a byClaire Sparkle Scarf

Knit a byClaire Sparkle Scarf
Posted on 15-4-2016 by api_more2make.nl

byClaire Sparkle Scarf - We can't get enough of the beautiful byClaire Sparkle yarn! Each project gets an extra glamorous look. Just what we needed! Shine all summer long with this cute little summer scarf! Continue reading for the free knitting pattern! 

Making great colour combinations with the new yarn byClaire nr. 3 is a feast! The beautiful colours available match the colours of byClaire nr. 1 and nr. 2 perfectly. We've chosen sturdy blue and green shades, but of course you can pick the colours you'd prefer. Don't wait any longer and get going with this easy free knitting pattern!

What do you need?
- 1 ball byClaire nr. 1 colour: A 2141 Jade, B 371 Turquoise, C 2158 Light Green.
- 1 ball byClaire nr. 3 Sparkle colour: A 338 Sea Blue, B 371 Turquoise, C 2158 Light Green.
Knitting needles 40 cm no. 7mm.

Stitches used:
Edge stitch: knit 1st and last stitch.
Purl and knit stitches
Slip stitches purlwise

Note: The scarf is knitted using double yarns; 1 thread of byClaire nr. 1 and 1 thread of byClaire nr. 3 Sparkle. You can make 1 ball with the two complementing colours if you want.

Colour Scheme:
Colour A: 338 Sea Blue, 2141 Jade

Colour B: 371 and 371 Turquoise

Colour C: 2158 and 2158 Light Green

byClaire Sparkle Scarf Knitting Pattern:

Cast on 29 sts. with colour A.

Row 1: Edge st., *Knit 2, slip 1 st. purlwise* Repeat from *to*, knit 1, edge st.

Row 2: Edge st., purl all sts., edge st.

Change colours each odd row.

Cast off all sts. when your scarf reaches the desired length.

More inspiration with byClaire nr. 3?

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