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DROPS Super Sale - Wool Edition 2016

DROPS Super Sale - Wool Edition 2016
Posted on 4-5-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Drops Super Sale Wool Edition - You might better think of a reason to fill up your yarn stash because the whole month of May it's DROPS Super Sale! Enjoy a 35% discount on all beautiful wool yarns of DROPS! Curious to see which yarns are on discount? Continue reading!

Drops Super Sale Wool Edition

Drops Super Sale - Wool Edition is the yearly wool festivity of DROPS. The whole month of May all Drops yarns with wool are on a 35% discount! With a number of 25 different sale yarns you'll have endless possibilities for creating the most beautiful projects. Have you already thought of a reason to fill up your stash?

To highlight all different yarns we divided them in categories. Most yarns have a 'uni colour' and a 'mixed' version, but there are also beautiful gradient yarns with sweet colour transitions on our list. Take a look at the summary below and be inspired!

Drops yarns with Alpaca

Besides sheep, alpaca's are a perfect source of the best and softest wool. The Drops collection contains lots of beautiful yarns with alpaca wool. Thick, thin, firm and delicate: each yarn has its own character! Pick the thin yarns of Lace or Nepal for more delicate projects or choose for warmth and fluffiness with the Brushed Alpaca Silk or Cloud. Pick your favourite of these Alpaca yarns and create your ultimate project!
Puna - Natural - Natural Mix
Nepal - Uni colour - Mix
Lace - Uni colour - Mix
Lima - Uni colour - Mix

Andes - Uni Colour - Mix
Alpaca - Uni Colour - Mix
Brushed Alpaca Silk
Baby Alpaca silk
Alpaca Bouclé - Uni colour - Mix

Cloud - Uni colour - Mix
Air - Uni colour - Mix

Drops yarns with Merino

Besides lots of alpaca yarns, Drops also has a gorgeous collection of merino yarns. We've yarns made of 100% merino wool, as well as mixed cotton merino yarns in our assortment. This yarn is characterized by the high quality and soft thread. The Baby Merino is therefore very suitable for making beautiful baby clothing!
Cotton Merino
Baby Merino - Uni colour - Mix
Merino Extra Fine - Uni colour - Mix 
Big Merino - Uni colour - Mix

Drops yarns with Wool

The classic yarn made of sheep wool can't be missed in Drops' collection. These yarns are also on discount for the whole month of May. Pick one of the beautiful gradient yarn like Drops Delight and Big Delight for a nice and comfy sweater! 
- Uni colour - Mix
Alaska - Uni colour - Mix
Fabel - Uni colour - Print - Long print
Big Delight
Karisma - Uni Colour - Mix
Eskimo - Uni Colour - Mix - Print

Drops yarn with Mohair

We're closing our list of Drops yarns on sales probably with one of the most beautiful yarns. There are only a few exclusive yarns containing mohair. Drops Kid Silk is a beautiful thin, fluffy mohair yarn that is suitable for beautiful eyelet patterns like summer scarves, tops and cardigans. Pick your favourite out of the gorgeous colours and knit or crochet your own creation!
Kid Silk - Uni colour - Long print

Which Drops yarn is your favourite?

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