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Knitted Tote Bag - Free Pattern

Knitted Tote Bag - Free Pattern
Posted on 11-5-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Knitted Tote Bag - Knit lovers watch out! Our hearts start beating a little faster from this beautiful knitted tote bag, and so will yours. A soft and edgy look, the perfect summer accessory for taking your favourite items with you! Take a look at the free pattern here and make sure you're get you own gorgeous knitted tote bag!

Do you love going to the beach? Or do you take daily shopping trips? This royal tote bag is ideal for taking all of your stuff with you! We're totally in love with it and use it for multiple purposes. Who does not want to show off such a fashionable item while shopping?

This knitted tote bag is made of Lana Grossa Cotton Mix 80, a strong cotton yarn which is available in many different colours. The bag offers enough space for all your stuff and remains in great shape, even when you use it often. Pick your favourite colours and steal the spotlight with this sunny, fashionable item!

What do you need?

- 3 balls Lana Grossa Cotton mix 80 colour 519
- 2 balls Lana Grossa Cotton mix 80 colour 515
- 2 balls Lana Grossa Cotton mix 80 colour 529
- 2 balls Lana Grossa Cotton mix 80 colour 509
- Circular knitting needles no. 4, cable length 120 cm
- Crochet hook no. 3,5

Knitted Tote Bag - Free Pattern

Stitches used:
- Knit stitch
- Purl stitch
- Crab stitch: ch. 2, work from left to right *insert in the previous st. and sc. 1*, Repeat from *-* until the end.

This bag is knitted on circular knitting needles. You'll only need to make knit stitches to create a stockinette effect.

Knit all rounds until the bottom is finished.

Cast on 8 sts. with colour 519 Apple green, and close it to a ring.
Round 1: Knit 8.
Round 2: *Knit 1, increase 1 st.* Repeat from *to* = 12 sts.
Round 3: Double all sts. = 24 sts.
Round 4: Knit all sts.
Round 5: *Knit 2 sts., increase 1 st.* Repeat from *to* = 32 sts.
Round 6: Knit all sts.
Round 7: *Knit 3 sts., increase 1 st.*, Repeat from *to* = 40 sts.
Round 8: Knit all sts.
Round 9: *Knit 4 sts., increase 1 st.* Repeat from *to* = 48 sts.
Round 10: Knit all sts.
Round 11: *Knit 5 sts., increase 1 st.* Repeat from *to* = 56 sts.
Continue with the bottom: each even round knit all sts. Each odd round there are 8 increases which are evenly divided. In round 13 it's the 7th st., in round 15 the 8th st., in round 17 the 9th st. etc. Knit until round 45. You'll have 200 sts. in total.

Round 46: Purl all sts.
Continue in knit st.
Round 56: *Knit 23 sts., knit 2 tog.*, Repeat from *to* 7 times = 192 sts.
Round 61: *Knit 22 sts., knit 2 tog.*, Repeat from *to* 7 times = 184 sts.
Round 63: Change to colour Grey (515)
Round 73: *Knit 21 sts., knit 2 tog.*, Repeat from *to* 7 times = 176 sts.
Round 83: Change to colour *Knit 20 sts., knit 2 tog.*, Repeat from *to* 7 times = 168 sts.
Round 87: Change to colour Khaki (529)
Round 111: Change to colour Off white (509)
Round 132: Knit 23 sts., knit 2 tog., knit 34 sts., knit 2 tog., knit 46 sts., knit 2 tog., knit 34 sts., knit 2 tog., knit 23 sts.
Round 133: Knit all sts. and cast on 4 x 1 st. extra above the sts. knitted together of the previous row.

Knit 2 rounds and then cast off all 168 sts.

Finishing: work a round of crab stitches around the top to give the edge a nice finishing touch.

Cut 8 yarns of 2 meters; 4 of colour khaki and 4 of colour grey.

Twist these yarns tightly together, take a pair of scissors and insert the twisted yarn through one of the scissor's eyes. Take both ends and let the scissors hang in the middle. The yarn will twist together now. Take another pair of scissors and cut the yarn where the other scissors' hanging. Tie a knot in both ends.

Draw 1 side of the cord through an opening until the knot (from the outside to the inside), and draw the other side back through the other opening (from inside to outside). Make the straps at a desired length and tie a knot at the right length.

Do the same for the other strap.

Crochet a tote bag

Besides this knitted bag we also have a gorgeous crocheted tote bag! Are you more into crocheting or do you like a crocheted look better? Take a look at the free pattern of the crocheted tote bag here!  

Which colours would you pick for this tote bag? 

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