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New Arrival: Manos Del Uruguay

New Arrival: Manos Del Uruguay
Posted on 1-6-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Manos del Uruguay is a beautiful yarn made by the 'hands of Uruguay'. With these colourful skeins you can make the most gorgeous projects and therefore we're adding this special brand to our assortment. Are you curious to read the story behind this special yarn? Continue reading here!

Manos del Uruguay - literally means 'hands of Uruguay' - was established in 1968 with the purpose of providing employment to the local people in rural areas. With the high quality of the local merino wool and enough skilled employees able to spin an dye the wool, Manos offers the local community a perspective to develop their economic, social and cultural opportunities.

Since 2009 the organization is part of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) who make sure that the rights of employees are being protected. The goal is to decrease poverty in the participating countries by using their worldwide network and trading via the WFTO.

Dyeing Process Manos del Uruguay

The yarns are well known for their deep colours and subtle gradients. Now what is the secret behind these beautiful yarns? It is the patience and love put into the process of dyeing the skeins in small dye lots. To achieve the unique colours the skeins are dyed up to 6 times in small pots heated by wood fire or gas, whereby they use a strict recipe to get the spectacular colours. Afterwards the skeins are being dried outside in the sun.

Different Sorts of Manos del Uruguay

To create different kinds of projects Manos offers different kinds of yarns. Each skein is unique and therefore it is important to get enough skeins for your project. To get a nice and even and blended result you can alternately use the different skeins while knitting or crocheting.

Curious to see all different yarns? Take a look at them below:

Manos del Uruguay Alegria
The Alegria is the most colourful skein of all. This yarn consists of 75% merino wool and 25% polyamide. Originally this yarn was meant as a sock yarn but don't you think this yarn is way too beautiful to hide away in your shoes? It's the perfect skein to crochet dreamy warps, knit pretty cardigans or make a beautiful scarf with. It feels super soft and the subtle tone variations make each skein and project a one of a kind!

Alegria is suitable for needle sizes 2,25 - 3.

Manos del Uruguay Fino
The Fino is a gorgeous yarn made of 70% extra fine merino wool and 30% silk, and has a astonishing natural look. This skein combines a luxurious mix of fibres with a huge amount of meters on one skein, so ideal for any project. The yarn is hand dyed, making each skein unique. It's wise to make sure you have enough yarn for your project, such that you can alternate the yarns to get a nicely blended and even effect.

Fino is suitable for needle size 3 - 3,5.

Manos del Uruguay Marina

Marina is a beautiful thin yarn with subtle colour nuances. This 100% merino wool has a light gloss, feels super soft and is available in soft pastel tones and darker deep colours. This yarn is best used for elegant and refined crochet or knitting projects. What do you think about a wrap, shawl and eyelet cardigan?

Marina is suitable for needle size 2,75.

Manos del Uruguay Clara

Clara is a delicate spun yarn made of 100% merino wool. This thread has a matte look and a slight variation in thickness. Combined with the beautiful colour transitions Clara is ideal to make clothing, poncho's, shawls and scarves with. Clara has an extra special touch by its beautiful water coloured shades and the light weight. Check out one of the gorgeous colours of this special wool!

Clara is suitable for needle size 3,75 - 4.

Personal Note:
Each skein of Manos del Uruguay has a little personal note. On this note you can find what kind of yarn it is, how to process it, but also the name of the woman who has spun and dyed the skein.

What would you make with this beautiful yarn?

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