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The Yarnplaza Digital Row Counter - Do you have it already?

The Yarnplaza Digital Row Counter - Do you have it already?
Posted on 8-6-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Digital Row Counter - Beautifully pink and never lose count of your rows, rounds or stitches. This digital row counter is the ultimate solution to keep track of your progress while you knit or crochet. Put it on one of your fingers, get going with your favourite knitting or crochet project and keep count with only one push on the button! 

1, 2, 3 ... 41, 53 or 60? Which row were you at again? With this super convenient digital row counter around your finger you will never lose count when working on your favourite project! Push the button when finishing a row, and the number on the screen goes up by 1. No need to tally by hand anymore!

This digital row counter is ideal for using for knitting as well as crochet projects. Are you knitting a stuffed animal or crocheting an amigurumi? Put the row counter on your thumb - or any other finger - and count your rows digitally!

How does the digital row counter work?

1. Take the digital row counter.

2. Attach the strap such that it forms a ring and put it on your finger. It's used most frequently on the thumb, but feel free to use any other finger. Just the way you like it most!

3. Push the large button to turn it on. This is also the button that is used when you want the increase 1 row. So have your finished your row/round? Push the button and the number will increase!

4. Are you done with counting rows? Press the small reset button to set the number on 0 again.

If you don't push the button for a longer time the digital counter will be turned off automatically. Don't worry, it will remember the numbers already counted such that you can continue where you left off!


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