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Katia Capri Colour Pack - Saskia's True Colours

Katia Capri Colour Pack - Saskia's True Colours
Posted on 10-8-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Saskia's Katia Capri Colour Pack - Our own Crochet Designer Saskia Laan is showing her 'true colours! She has composed a colour pack of her cotton yarn Katia Capri. 20 balls of the delightful cotton yarn in her favourite colours! Curious to see her picks? Continue reading and discover a little extra!

In this edition of 'Saskia true colours' our very own crochet designer Saskia has picked 20 pretty balls of Katia Capri and composed her own pack of favourite colours. This yarn consists of 100% cotton, has a soft glossy look and does not split while crocheting or knitting. The high quality of this yarn and the beautiful colour palette makes Katia Capri one of our all-time favourite cotton yarns! Order the Saskia's Colour Pack here!

Saskia about her Katia Capri Colour Pack:

"I get so happy from these colours. The composition is well balanced and the pack makes sure you can get started right away. I love to pick colours beforehand and thinking about what project to make with it afterwards.

With this pattern I wanted to combine the colours with each other, and how better than in a beautiful floral bunting? The coloured flowers are joined beautifully and the white petals gives it a nice balance. I added the fringes for a playful effect."

- Saskia's Capri Colour Pack
- Crochet hook no. 3


  • Start each round in a different place. This way you can mask the woven in ends.
  • The last round consists of chains. Weaving in the ends will be difficult so tie a double knot and then cut the yarn.
  • Crochet the flowers together in the last round. Replace 1 chain by 1 slip stitch in the chain space of the other flower.

This way you crochet the flowers in a different colour combination: 

  • Work round 1: 3 pieces of each colour (except for white).
  • Work round 2 in white.
  • Work round 3 with the colour you haven't used yet.

Crochet Pattern Floral Bunting:

Start with a magic loop.

Round 1: Ch. 2, dc. 1, *ch. 1, dc. 2* Repeat from *to* 6x, ch. 1. Close this round with a sl.st. in the first stitch and cast off. .

Round 2: Cast on with colour white in one of the ch. spaces of the previous round. Ch. 2, dc. 2, *ch. 1, dc. 3* Repeat from *-* 6x, ch. 1. Close the round with a sl.st. in the first stitch and cast off.

Round 3: Cast on with a new colour in one of the ch. spaces of the previous round. Ch. 1, *sc. 1, ch. 4* Repeat from *to* 7x. Close the round with a sl.st. in the first stitch and cast off.

Finishing floral bunting:

Round 1: Ch. 20, *sl.st. 1 at the top of the flower, ch. 10* Repeat from *to*. Ch. 20.

Round 2: Work on the foundation: dc. 5, ch. 3, ch. 5 between each flower.

Round 3: *Sc. 1, ch. 5, in the 3 ch. space work: (sc. 1, dc. 3, sc. 1), ch. 5. Repeat from *to*.

Attach the floral bunting to a basket, tote bag or use it to decorate your room!

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