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Mikado Snood - Free Crochet Pattern

Mikado Snood - Free Crochet Pattern
Posted on 20-10-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Mikado Snood - With the cold weather coming up a nice and comfortable scarf is a must-have. And how fun is it to warm yourself up with this colourful snood?! A simple crochet pattern with a beautiful gradient yarn is the perfect combination. Continue reading for the free pattern and get going! 

One can never have enough scarves and this special colourful edition is a true must-have. Our creative crochet designer Monique got going with the new yarn Phil Mikado. This mixed yarn is made of wool and acrylic and has a beautiful colour gradient, giving your projects that extra special touch. The cheerful twined thread combined with the gorgeous structure of the simple crochet pattern makes this snood the perfect item for creating a stylish winter look!

- 3 x Phildar Phil Mikado colour 100 Arlequin
- 1 x Phildar Frimas colour 05
- Crochet hook no. 6 and 8mm

Stitches used:
Ch. = Chain
Sl.st. = Slip stitch
Hdc. = Half double crochet
Tch. = Turning chain

Mikado Snood - Free Crochet Pattern

Measurements: 65 cm. (when folded double) x 30 cm.

Make a foundation chain that's a multiple of 5 + 1 tch.

This snood has a foundation chain of 160 ch. + 1 tch. Use crochet hook no. 8mm for the snood.

Round 1: Insert in the 2nd ch. from your hook. Hdc. 2, sl.st. 5, *hdc. 5, sl.st. 5* Repeat from *to* End with hdc. 3, tch. 1. From now on only insert in the back loops.
Round 2: Hdc. 3, sl.st. 5, *hdc. 5, sl.st. 5* Repeat from *to* End with hdc. 2, tch. 1
Round 3: Sl.st. 2, hdc. 5, *sl.st. 5, hdc. 5* Repeat from *to* End with sl.st. 3, tch. 1
Round 4: Sl.st. 3, hdc. 5, *sl.st. 5, hdc. 5* Repeat from *to* End with sl.st. 2, tch. 1
Round 5: Hdc. 2, sl.st. 5, *hdc. 5, sl.st. 5* Repeat from *to* End with hdc. 3, tch. 1
Round 6: Hdc. 3, sl.st. 5, *hdc. 5, sl.st. 5* Repeat from *to* End with hdc. 2, tch. 1

Repeat rounds 3 - 6 another 7 times. End with repeating round 3 and 4 another 1 time, in total you've worked 36 rounds.

Attach the ends of the snoods by sewing them together with needle and thread. With crochet hook no. 6mm, work a border of hdc. around the edges with Phildar Frimas.

More colour combinations

Phildar Phil Mikado is available in 6 beautiful colours from pastel shades to darker blue and green colours. There's a right pick for everyone, so be ready to mix and match and give this pattern a personal touch!

Crocheting more snoods and scarves

Besides this colourful snood of Phil Mikado, we've got lots more of beautiful patterns for scarves in our collection. What do you think about the popular Katia Alaska Infinity Snood? A super cool crochet project for the colder days!

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