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Advent Star CAL - Crochet Patterns

Advent Star CAL - Crochet Patterns
Posted on 1-12-2016 by api_more2make.nl

Advent Star CAL - After the success of last year's CAL, we couldn't resist ourselves. The Yarnplaza AdventCALendar was such a fun project that we wanted create something just a nice this year. Our crochet designers Annemarie and Monique got busy and designed a lovely new Advent Crochet Along. Don't you love it?! Continue reading for the free patterns....

From December 1st we'll reveal a new, small little crocheted ornament to decorate your Advent Star with. At the end of the Crochet along, when it's Christmas Eve, your star will be beautifully decorated for the Christmas day's to come. And the most fun part is that all patterns are available for free! Are you joining us?

Twenty-four days long we'll spoil you with cute little free crochet patterns to decorate your star with. Each day at 11:00am (UTC +1) we'll publish the new pattern in this blog.

Do you want to join the Advent Star CAL? Of course you can join whenever you want! Order the complete yarn kit for making the Advent Star and all decorations here. More info and the free pattern of the big Advent Star can be found in this blog.

Crochet Patterns Yarnplaza Advent Star CAL

Day 1: Crochet Pattern Star
Day 2: Crochet Pattern Christmas Stocking
Day 3: Crochet Pattern Ice Skate
Day 4: Crochet Pattern Reindeer
Day 5: Crochet Pattern Christmas Flowers
Day 6: Crochet Pattern Chocolate Cookie
Day 7: Crochet Pattern Penguin
Day 8: Crochet Pattern Mistletoe
Day 9: Crochet Pattern Pink Star
Day 10: Crochet Pattern Pretzel
Day 11: Crochet Pattern Candy Cane
Day 12: Crochet Pattern Snow Owl
Day 13: Crochet Pattern Little Bow
Day 14: Crochet Pattern Christmas Sweater
Day 15: Crochet Pattern Christmas Tree
Day 16: Crochet Pattern Christmas Wreath
Day 17: Crochet Pattern Christmas Bell
Day 18: Crochet Pattern Snowballs
Day 19: Crochet Pattern Gingerbread Man
Day 20: Crochet Pattern Mitten
Day 21: Crochet Pattern Popping Champagne Bottle
Day 22: Crochet Pattern Snowman
Day 23: Crochet Pattern Star
Day 24: Crochet Pattern Mouse

Are you joining? Use #adventCALendar and share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Psst. Looking for more little ornament crochet patterns? Take a look at the Yarnplaza Advent CALendar of 2015 here! 

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