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Super Must-have Pillow - Crochet your own!

Super Must-have Pillow - Crochet your own!
Posted on 19-1-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Super Must-have Pillow - Pimp your living room with this crocheted pillow of Yarn and Colors Super Must-have! On your couch, chair or bed? This sturdy pillow is multifunctional! The thick cotton yarn gives a robust effect and with the simple pattern you can easily make such a trendy accessory yourself. Continue reading for the free crochet pattern!

One can never have enough pillows and there is always room for a cosy cushion. Will you use this Super Must-have pillow on your couch, bed or chair? It's a cute item to give your interior a different look. This pillow is made of Super Must-have, the thicker cotton yarn of Yarn and Colors. This yarn is suitable for needles size 6-7 mm and is made of 100% cotton. To make sure this pillow is nice and firm we've crocheted the cushion with crochet hook 5mm. Super Must-have has a wide colour range of 50 beautiful colours which can be combined endlessly. Pick your favourite colour and get going with the free pattern!

What do you need?
- 3 ball Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have Graphite (98)
- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have Jade Gravel (73)
- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have Mustard (15)
- Crochet hook no. 5mm
- Stuffing or an inside pillow of 30 x 50 cm

Size: 30 x 50 cm

Gauge: 10 x 10 cm = 16 sts. (sc.) x 20 rows

Stitches used:
Ch.  = Chain
Sc.  = Single crochet
P. = Popcorn: work 4 unfinished dc. in the same stitch, yarn over and draw through all 5 loops on your hook.

Super Must-have Pillow - Free Crochet Pattern

Note: Work  tch. 1 at the end of each row. This tch. doesn't count as a stitch.
Work sc. 44. for each row that's not being described in the pattern below. The pattern consists of 4 kind of rows.

Row A: *Sc. 1, p.1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 12*. Repeat from * to * another 1x.
Row B: *Sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 14*. Repeat from * to * another 1x.
Row C: *Sc. 12, p. 1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 1*. Repeat from * to * another 1x.
Row D: *Sc. 14, p. 1, sc. 3, p. 1, sc. 3*. Repeat from * to * another 1x.

Ch. 44 + tch. 1 with Graphite.
Row 16: A
Row 18: B
Row 20: A
Row 22: B
Row 24: A
Row 26: Cast off colour Graphite and cast on colour Jade Gravel on the other side.
Row 27: C
Row 29: D
Row 31: C
Row 33: D
Row 35: C
Row 37: A
Row 39: B
Row 41: A
Row 43: B
Row 45: A
Row 47: Cast off colour Jade Gravel and cast on Graphite on the same side.
Row 79: Cast off colour Graphite and cast on colour Mustard on the same side.
Cast off after you've row 91.

Work this another 1x. Attach the two parts alongside the 4 edges with sc. Make sure you change your colour when working the sc. border. Before you work the last edge insert the inside pillow or stuff the cover.

This design is made by Suzanne!

More colour combinations with Super Must-have
Do you want to crochet this pillow in a different colour combination? Super Must-have has a broad colour range to choose from. Which combination would you make?


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