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Phildar Summer Yarns 2017 - The Latest Trends

Phildar Summer Yarns 2017 - The Latest Trends
Posted on 16-3-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar Summer Yarns 2017 - Colour, style and quality; that's what Phildar stands for this summer. New yarns, airy threads, plenty of colours and endless inspiration. This new collection brings a season full of new ideas, fun knitting projects and lovely crochet items. Read all about Phildar's 5 newest yarns in this blog...

In this blog we tell you all about the Phildar summer collection of 2017. Read all about the newest yarns and pick your favourites for your next knitting or crochet projects!

New Phildar Summer Yarns

This summer season Phildar introduces five new yarns. Four of them are really new, and Phildar Cabotine has been renewed for this season. Each of these yarns are beautiful, with their own structure, shape and effects.

Phildar Phil Falaise
Falaise is a gorgeous special effect yarn for this season. This yarn mainly consists of cotton, making it airy and breathing. The thread has delicate and small fringes, giving each project made with Phil Falaise a soft touch and special look. Knit or crochet sunny summer tops, trendy cardigans or the most cute baby items with Phil Falaise!

Phildar Phil Soleil
Phil Soleil is a mixed yarn with a subtle glitter added to its thread. This sparkling effect is super fun for spring and summer projects and because this yarn is loosely twined each project will get a unique look. Pick your favourite colours and make the most beautiful tops, dresses or accessories with Phil Soleil!

Phildar Phil Rio
Phil Rio has the sun in its name. This multicoloured yarn gives each project a playful look. The combination of acrylic and cotton makes this yarn airy and comfortable, perfect for creating spring and summer projects. Use Phildar Phil Rio for making cheerful kids clothing or accessories for the sunny days to come.

Phildar Phil Mystère
Mystère is a special ribbon yarn with a supple structure. With this soft yarn you can knit as well as crochet and will look best in airy and open structured patterns. This ball has a large amount of meters (over 200 meters per ball!) and therefore 3 balls are enough to create a beautiful top. Tip: Combine this yarn with another yarn for a chic effect!

Phildar Phil Cabotine
The Phil Cabotine is a favourite among the summer yarns! This lightweight combination yarn consisting of cotton and acrylic is ideal for any project and comes in 22 gorgeous colours. Combine the soft pastel shades together or pick one of the bright colours. Cabotine is used on needles no. 3,5 mm, but for airy eyelet patterns you can use larger needles.

What is your ultimate summer project?

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