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Phildar Phil Coton 2, 3 and 4 - What is the difference?

Phildar Phil Coton 2, 3 and 4 - What is the difference?
Posted on 22-3-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Phildar Phil Coton is a very popular cotton yarn among crocheters and knitters. Besides the well-known Phil Coton 3 and 4, Phildar recently introduced their latest addition Phil Coton 2. Three seemingly the same yarns, so what's exactly the difference between them? In this blog we go into all the details...

Phildar Phil Coton has been a very popular yarn among crafters for years. Specially for crocheters, this cotton yarn is a favourite because of its softness and pleasant crocheting. Moreover the wide colour range offers endless possibilities of different colour combinations. And what's even more convenient is that all same colours are available for all three different yarns. But what is the exact difference between these different yarns?

What is the difference?
The biggest difference between these three yarns is the thickness of their thread. The name says it already: Phil Coton 4 is suitable for needles size 4mm, Coton 3 is perfect for needles size 3mm and Coton 2 is used with needles size 2mm. The thickness of the needles is of course an indication, because it also depends on the project you want to use it for!

What's so strong about this yarn range is that they can easily be combined with each other. Because of the same colour palette it's easy to use the thinner and thicker threads in together. Combining yarn and colours will even be more fun! Besides that you can use the different yarns for the same pattern, yielding the same figure, but in a different size. Perfect for creating a little amigurumi bird family!

Projects with Phildar Phil Coton

Phildar Phil Coton 2, 3 and 4 are the ideal yarns for all kinds of projects. Phil Coton 2 and 3 are very suitable for making stuffed animals, amigurumi's but also for creating accessories and home decorations. We have designed a beautiful mochila bag with Phil Coton 3.


Phil Coton 4 is a thicker cotton yarn suitable for sturdy projects. Using the tapestry technique with this yarn yielded in a fashionable tapestry bag, one of our most popular crochet kits!


Which Phil Coton is your favourite and why? 

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