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Fair Isle Scarf Knitting Pattern

Fair Isle Scarf Knitting Pattern
Posted on 4-4-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Fair Isle Scarf - Even though it's getting sunnier, there are those days that a lovely scarf can be convenient. Specially for these moments, and because it's a stylish item, we've designed this Fair Isle scarf. A special knitting technique with a gorgeous result. Read all ins and outs and get going with the free knitting pattern!

Petra has tried out the special Fair Isle knitting technique for the first time. Using this technique you can make the most colourful patterns in your knitting work. For Fair Isle knitting, usually circular knitting needles are being used because this way you only have to make knit stitches.

This scarf is made with the mixed yarn Yarn and Colors Charming. This lovely yarn consists of 68% cotton and 32% acrylic, and has a gorgeous stone washed look. The wide range of available colours makes combining them ultimate pleasure! Style your Fair Isle scarf to your own taste!

Lana Grossa Circular knitting needles 360° 60 cm 5 mm
- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Charming 29 (Burgundy), 23 (Brick), 86 (Peony leaf), 40 (Pink sand)
- 2 balls Yarn and Colors Charming 46 (Pastel pink), 35 (Girly pink) and 42 (Peach)
- Crochet hook no. 3 mm

Size Scarf: ±180 cm x 28 cm

Fair Isle Scarf - Free Knitting Pattern

Tip: This scarf is made using circular knitting needles. To indicate the end of the pattern, knit 1 st. in a different colour. This way you get a vertical bar of one colour over the length of this scarf (we've used colour no. 29). This bar is used later on when cutting your work.

Cast on 60 sts. with colour Peach (42). Knit according to the pattern charts. The pattern charts must be followed from bottom to top.

Pattern 1
33 rows - colour 42 (Peach) and 23 (Brick).

Pattern 2
33 rows - colour 42 (Peach), 29 (Burgundy), 40 (Pink sand), 46 (Pastel) en 35 (Girly pink). 

Pattern 3
37 rows - colour 29 (Burgundy), 23 (Brick), 40 (Pink sand), 46 (Pastel), 35 (Girly pink) and 42 (Peach).

Pattern 4
31 rows - colour 40 (Pink sand) and 46 (Pastel pink).

Pattern 5
13 rows - colour 29 (Burgundy), 23 (Brick), 42 (Peach) and 35 (Girly pink).

Pattern 6
29 rows - colour 29 (Burgundy), 35 (Girly pink, 46 (Pastel pink), 42 (Peach) and 23 (Brick).

Pattern 7
21 rows - colour 29 (Burgundy), 42 (Peach) and 40 (Pink sand).

Pattern 7 is the middle of the scarf, thereafter the patterns will be repeated. For a symmetrical result knit the pattern charts from top to bottom. Start with pattern 6 and work towards pattern 1.

With colour 86 work to rows of sc. over the length of the scarf. Keep a distance of 5cm between these rows. (These rows can be worked parallel to the marked stitches, by keeping this vertical bar in the middle. Make sure you work the sc. in one row of your knitting work.

Now the exciting part will come. Tip: try it first with a sample or swatch!
Take a sharp scissors and cut the scarf in between the rows of sc.

Et voilà, your scarf is done!


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