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Katia Summer Yarns - Let the sun shine!

Katia Summer Yarns - Let the sun shine!
Posted on 5-4-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Katia Summer Yarns 2017 - Even if the sun doesn't always shine, with the new Katia summer yarns there's plenty of sunshine in our homes. This summer, the collection of Katia consists of luxurious yarns, some with an elegant twist, and others with a more natural look. In this blog we've outlined all new yarns and magazines that Katia has to offer! Continue reading and be inspired!

Now that the summer season is so close, each yarn brand introduces new, edgy and innovative yarns. Each season it's again a surprise and this summer we're amazed by all the new additions. The yarns as well as the new patterns from the magazines are totally in compliance with the current trends and each model is comfortable and wearable.

New Katia Summer Yarns 2017

With these 9 new Katia yarns we're ready for the summer season. Each of them are equally beautiful with their own structure, shapes and effects. Below we've outlined all details on these nine yarns:

Katia Concept
The Concept-series of Katia stands for nature and its beauty. The emphasize the richness of materials and the purity of colours and textures. Moreover they go back to the simplicity of shapes. Each year the concept-line is expanded with new innovative yarns and this summer is no different. Discover the airy Cotton Cashmere, a delicate mix of cotton and cashmere or Cotton Yak made of wool and cotton. And what do you think about the basic cotton yarn All Seasons Cotton, the perfect yarn to enjoy all year long. Looking for more special effects for your project? Then pick Silk Viscose, a combination of silk and viscose with a white basis and subtle melanges in its thread.

Katia Fair Cotton
Katia also introduces a 100% biological yarn this season, Katia Fair Cotton. This cotton yarn is developed and produced in an eco-friendly way and according to the fair-trade norms. The look and feel of this yarn is pure and soft, and therefore ideal for summer projects.

Katia Papyrus
For a more special look for your summer projects you can pick Katia Papyrus. This special yarn consists of a two coloured basis of cotton and acrylic and with a playful wrapped glossy yarn around it. The composition of the thread gives your project a luxurious look and a special effect. Use Papyrus for your newest project and create a stylish summer item!

Katia Louisiana and Oceania
Last but not least Katia Louisiana and Oceania deserve some attention. These two yarns are very different but give a unique look to your crochet- or knitting project. Katia Louisiana is a soft and lightweight yarn that's very comfortable to wear. This thread consists of a white basis with a coloured net structured thread around it. Katia Oceania is a mixed yarn with a natural look. This thread has a linen basis with a beautiful structure, giving your summer projects a fresh and crispy look. Be surprised by the beautiful colour gradient of this yarn and use Oceania for making stylish summer items!

Katia Magazines Spring/Summer 2017

Be inspired by the sunny models from the new Katia magazines! With the new season almost being here, there are plenty of new designs. In Katia No.93 Chic you can find 60 patterns for ladies clothing and (home) accessories. Katia Concept No.3 is full of summery women's wear for knitting and crocheting. And last Katia No. 92 Sport contains the most gorgeous patterns for ladies, men and accessories. Be inspired and start with your favourite project today!

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