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Super Must-have Crib Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern

Super Must-have Crib Blanket - Free Knitting Pattern
Posted on 19-5-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Super Must-have Crib Blanket - Are you expecting a little one or will you be visiting a baby shower soon? The most beautiful baby presents are self-made! We've made all kinds of items for babies and children before. This beautiful Super Must-have crib blanket is a great addition to our free patterns. Will you make this for a little boy or girl? Continue reading for the free pattern!

Creating a present for a little baby is one of the most fun projects to make! Spoil new parents to be with a homemade present, or pimp your own kids' stuff with self-made creations. This knitted crib blanket is a beautiful item to make yourself and can be altered to your wishes!

This blanket is made of the thick cotton yarn Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have. This yarn consists of 100% mercerised cotton and is used on needles size 6-7 mm. With the wide range of available colours you can make your own perfect combination of shades. Pick your favourites and style this Super Must-have crib blanket to your own taste!


- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have 75 (Green Ice), 81 (Lettuce), 86 (Peony Leaf)
- 2 balls Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have 65 (Turquoise), 70 (Petroleum), 72 (Glass), 84 (Pistachio)
- Knitting needles no. 6,5 mm
- Stitch ring markers

Super Must-have Crib Blanket - Knitting Pattern

This baby blanket consists of 25 squares which are knitted together according to the colour scheme. In this pattern only knit stitches are used.

Colour Scheme:

1st square: 
Cast on 50 sts. and insert a stitch ring marker between the 25th and 26th st. forindicating the middle.

Row 1: Knit all sts. and knit the 24th and 25th tog. and the 26th and 27th tog. There will be 2 decreases per row.

Row 2: Knit all sts. (without decreases).

Knit all odd rows with the decreases with a decrease before and after the middle of the row. This will be the right side of your blanket.

For all even rows, repeat row 2.

Continue until you've got 2 sts. left. Knit these 2 sts. tog. and cast off.

Joining the squares:

The slope of the decreases will be from the left bottom to the right top. Each square needs to be knitted in the same direction.

You are first going to make and L shape and the squares are joined while knitting.

Adding squares in the horizontal bar: Cast on 25 sts., then knit up 25 sts from the top of the square from right to left. Continue according to the pattern above.

Adding squares in the vertical bar: Knit up 25 sts. from the right side of the other square and cast on another 25 sts. Continue according to the pattern above.

For joining the middle squares: Knit up 25 sts. from right to left at the top of a square, then knit up 25 sts. from bottom to top of the right side of the square across. Continue according to the pattern above.

Note: This video below is in Dutch but offers great visual images on how to work this stitch.

Which colours would you choose for this blanket? 

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