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Macramé Plant Hanger - Free Pattern & Tutorial

Macramé Plant Hanger - Free Pattern & Tutorial
Posted on 13-7-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
Macramé is back and very much on-trend!  Indeed, you’ll find this popular crafting technique from the seventies cropping up in almost any stylish interior. Trendy wall hangings, curtains, plant hangers, and jewelry; macramé projects are everywhere! So, why not join the cool kids and have some fun with this technique yourself? All it takes is some cord and a few gorgeous knots, et voilà, your plant hanger is finished in no time at all! To help you get started, read on for the free pattern and tutorial!

Macramé is a popular technique used to create all kinds of home decorations and accessories. You can combine different types of yarn and cords with a whole range of knots, giving you endless possibilities to create your favorite projects. You can use this technique for making flat objects, like wall hangings, as well as 3D projects, like this plant hanger.

This plant hanger is made with Hoooked Natural Jute, a thick rope-like cord that's ideal for macramé projects. The rigidness of this cord makes sure that your knots remain securely knotted and its raw finish gives your projects a rustic feel.

• 1 x Hoooked Natural Jute color 06 (With one skein you can make 2 plant hangers)
• Plant pot, 13.5 cm high and Ø 15.5 cm at the top
Size: 72 cm, measured with a plant in it, excluding the fringe
(80 cm, without the plant or fringe)

Knots used
• Square knot
• Half-square knot (spiral knot)
• Josephine knot
Hoooked Natural Jute 02 Tea Rose
Hoooked Natural Jute 03 Serenity Mint
Hoooked Natural Jute 05 Vanilla Cream
Hoooked Natural Jute 04 Lush Petrol

Pattern Macramé Plant Hanger

Start by cutting 5 x 3-meter-long cords and 1 x 3.5-meter-long cord.
Hold all 6 cords together and fold them in half. Use one of the longer cords to tie the remaining cords together, creating a loop that you will use to hang the plant hanger. Wrap this longer cord 9 times around the remaining cords and secure it by drawing the end through the last wrap.

For the next step, divide the cords into 3 groups of 4 cords. Take 1 of these groups and tie half-square knots for a length of 10 cm (about 15 knots). Make sure you tie each knot in the same direction so that it starts to spiral. Repeat this for the other 2 groups.

Skip 10 cm. Divide the cords again into 3 new groups of 4 cords. Use 2 cords from each adjacent group. Tie a square knot, using the filler cords from the previous knot as the working cords this time. Repeat this for the other 2 groups.
Skip 30 cm. Make 3 new groups of 4 cords, again combining 2 cords from each  previously adjacent group. Tie a Josephine knot. Repeat this for the other 2 groups. These knots will lie against the top of your plant pot, just below the lip.

Skip 8 cm. Make 3 new groups of 4 cords, combining 2 cords from each previously adjacent group. Tie a square knot. This should lie against the bottom of the side of your plant pot. Repeat this for the other 2 groups.

Skip 8 cm.  Use the longest cord to tie all the cords together. Wrap around them 4 times then secure it by drawing the end through the last wrap.

To finish, trim the remaining cords to the desired length and separate the strands of each cord a little for a fun frayed effect.

 Note: This video is in Dutch only but offers great visuals for how to macramé this plant hanger.
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