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Funny Flowers - Learn how to crochet a flower!

Funny Flowers - Learn how to crochet a flower!
Posted on 16-8-2017 by api_more2make.nl

Funny flowers - Want to crochet flowers? Get going with the pattern of these cute funny flowers. In this blog we give an step-by-step explanation how to crochet these flowers and how to join them directly. Choose one colour or pick multiple shades for an explosion of colours! Read more...

Crocheted flowers are always fun, and the more flowers the better, right?! Use them for decorating gifts or make a cute little blanket with these flowers. The free crochet pattern gives you endless of possibilities: make them bigger with a more chunky yarn or more delicate with a thin cotton yarn.

These flowers are made with the mixed yarn Yarn and Colors Charming. This yarn has a stone washed look and gives an edgy touch to these flowers. We chose three different colours and attached them randomly to each other. But why won't you choose more or less colours or join them in a beautiful colour pattern? In short: you can go all kinds of ways with the pattern so let your creativity run wild and get going!


- Yarn and Colors Charming colours 2, 62, 35, 40, 11
- Crochet hook no. 4mm
- Tapestry needle

Stitches used:
Ch.    = Chain
Sl.st.  = Slip stitch
Hdc. = Half double crochet

Funny Flowers - Free Crochet Pattern Flowers

Start with a magic ring
Round 1: Ch. 4 (= 1 hdc. and 2 ch.), *Hdc. 1, ch. 2* Repeat from *to* another 10x.
Close with a sl.st. 1 in the 2nd ch.
Round 2: Sl.st. 1 in the first ch. 2-space. In the first ch. space, ch. 2 (= 1 hdc.), hdc. 1, ch. 1, hdc. 2. *Hdc. 1 around the next hdc. of the round 1 (work towards the heart of the flower), turn your flower and hdc. 3 around the next hdc. of round 1 (work from the heart towards the top of the petal). Hdc. 2, ch. 1, hdc. 2 around the next ch. space* Repeat from *to* another 4 x.

End with hdc. 3 around the next hdc., turn your flower and hdc. 3 around the next hdc. Close with sl.st. 1 in the upper ch.

To finish the flower take your needle and thread and make a French knot in the middle of the flower. Learn more about the French knot in the instruction video below.

How do you join the flowers?

These cute flowers can be joined directly to each other. Because you join the flowers at the flower tips, the new flowers will be attached in a playful manner. Take a look at the instruction video how to join them exactly. Even though the video is in Dutch, it offers great visual images on how to join the flowers.

Note: The video below is in Dutch but offers great visual images on how to crochet flowers. 

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