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Handcraft makes you happy | 8 Great advantages of handcraft

Handcraft makes you happy | 8 Great advantages of handcraft
Posted on 28-1-2020 by api_more2make.nl

A medicine for complaints such as the winter blues, a meddlesome mother-in-law, or an appalling day at work exists!  What fantastical remedy is this, you ask? It is, of course, crocheting, knitting, needle punching, doing macramé, weaving… the list goes on! Put simply: handcrafting. Here we describe 8 huge benefits you experience from handcrafting. Are you debating whether to pick up your needles or hook again and join the band of craftsters? Then let us convince you with these great advantages!

Among its many benefits, handcrafting provides a great source of diversion, makes you Zen, brings new friends into your life and delivers fabulous creations – the handmade fruits of your labors. Of course, we already knew that handcrafting can bring you a huge amount of joy, but that there were so many other benefits surprised us. And as you can well imagine, this prompted us to get right back to it. So, beware: reading this blog post will give you plenty of new insights, but also leave you with the serious urge to… get crafting!

You can experience the 8 benefits described below while crocheting, knitting, or whatever your preferred handcraft technique is.

1. Completely Zen!
Stress melts away like snow in the sun while you craft away. Handcrafting is a positive distraction and ensures that you are completely relaxed (well, unless you are tackling a particularly challenging pattern that is creating even more stress). With your focus trained on your hands, you are able to clear space in your head and let go of negative thoughts more easily. This makes room for new ideas and emotions that you would never normally allow in. This opening up makes you more… Zen! Handcrafting therefore has the same effect as meditating. How amazing is that?

2. A break from the hustle and bustle
You have just finished work, it is finally the weekend, you are on a well-earned vacation: these are all perfect moments to finally: HANDCRAFT! While most people move straight from the busy-ness of work to the busy-ness of free time, going out with friends, heading off on holiday, shopping, eating out, spending time with their loved ones, you... you understand the value of a well-earned rest on the sofa with your latest handcraft project on your lap! Of course, once you get started, that great feeling you get from handcrafting means you cannot bring yourself to stop crocheting, knitting, doing macramé, needle punching… But not to worry, this slightly addictive hobby is extremely healthy for your mind and soul.

3. Responsible engagement
Not only are you engaging in self-care with total relaxation, but you are also taking responsibility for bigger global concerns! You are taking control over how your clothing is made by… making it yourself. As a result, you are not supporting poor working conditions, something that is unavoidable when you purchase fast fashion from many clothing chains. Want to go the extra mile? Then opt for organic wool and yarn. That way you can create entirely sustainable clothing and accessories yourself. In any case, you are doing a great job (you may now give yourself a pat on the back).

4. Make your own gorgeous creations
Can you visualize exactly what home décor you would like to have in your home? Or what sweater would suit you perfectly? Then skip the endless hunt through furniture stores and online clothing shops and simply design it yourself. If that seems a little ambitious at first, then just search for the right pattern and choose your favorite color of yarn and get crafting. This way you not only make an item that is stunning, but also unique! In addition, if you feel at home working with a range of handcraft techniques, you can more easily select which technique will best produce the item you want. You are able to decide whether you are going to knit or crochet a certain item of clothing, or you might choose to pimp up an existing one with a punched brooch. In short, the possibilities are endless, and you are the one who gets to call the shots. Now that is a great benefit, right?! And what a shame for all those people who do not (yet) do any handcrafts.

5. Stay young and fit!
Sleep like a baby and prevent (or reduce) depression with some fantastic handcrafting projects. As your hands work away, your pulse slows down and your blood pressure drops, making it easier to fully rest. Are you already happy with your life? Then hold onto this happiness by (carrying on) handcrafting. As if a wide smile is not enough, handcrafting is also a brilliant way to ‘train your brain’. All the thought-processes involved in following patterns and working out stitches exercise the old’ grey matter.  Research shows that if you handcraft on a regular basis, you are 30 -50% less likely to suffer from brain deterioration. So, no delaying; pick up your knitting needles or crochet hook and get crafting! And by the way, your brain is not the only thing getting a workout, but your hands too! Because your joints are kept moving, they become less stiff and your cartilage retains its flexibility. And the icing on top? Crocheting and knitting also improve your fine motor skills. It is essentially a win-win situation!

6. Boost self-confidence
You are proud as a peacock of your newly-finished handmade item. And so you should be! Every time you indulge in a spot of handcrafting, you are not just making progress with your project, but you are building your self-confidence too! It gives you a huge boost every time you get better as something (in this case, whatever handcraft technique you are currently practicing). So above all, keep on… handcrafting!

7. Make yourself and others happy
Once again, you have made the most fabulous item yourself by hand, oh how gratifying that is! But to then gift this beauty to someone else and see it bring them joy? Well, that is the ultimate satisfaction. Handcrafting does not just make you happy but allows you to share this happiness with others. Maybe your son or daughter has been longing for the perfect hat that is nowhere to be found in any store, or your husband has been eyeing a deliciously soft, warm merino wool sweater but cannot justify the expense for himself. How wonderful to have the handcrafting skills to create their hearts’ desires yourself and see their eyes light up!

8. One big, happy crafting family

No-one quite understands you like other creative people engaged in handcrafting. How brilliant it is to meet someone else who delights in wool as much as you! Or is using the same awesome pattern! You cannot stop talking, and before you know it, your project is done! You also meet new people with the same hobby at craft fairs or on Instagram. You immediately have something in common and before long you have built great friendships.

Does handcrafting also make you happy? What is your favorite handcraft technique?

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