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Meet the designers of the new Dream Blanket 4.0

Meet the designers of the new Dream Blanket 4.0
Posted on 4-2-2020 by api_more2make.nl


The Dream Blanket 4.0 CAL/KAL is just around the corner! This fabulous blanket is a real eye-catcher with plenty of color combinations to choose from and a whole range of different stitches to challenge yourself with. And even better, this time around the Dream Blanket 4.0 is available in both knitted and crocheted versions! We sat down with the designers of the Dream Blanket 4.0, Monique and Jolanda, to find out what inspired the designs and what makes the Dream Blanket 4.0 so special. So grab a cup of tea and let us introduce you to our star craftsters.

Dream Blanket 4.0 - After months of preparation and planning, the Dream Blanket 4.0 is ready to be shared with all lovers of crochet and knitting. Completely different from its predecessors, the Dream Blanket 4.0 is a marvel to behold. We met with Monique, who designed the crocheted version of the Dream Blanket 4.0, and Jolanda, who converted Monique's vision into a knitted form, to talk about all things Dream Blanket 4.0, learn about their design process and get their top tips for everyone joining in the CAL/KAL beginning on Tuesday 3rd March 2020.

So here it is… the Dream Blanket 4.0! Are you pleased that it's done?

Monique (crochet): Yes, really happy that the Dream Blanket 4.0 (and the pattern) is finished! I’ve designed all the Dream Blankets and it’s really important to me that each Dream Blanket is different. And happily, that is the case with the Dream Blanket 4.0.

Jolanda (knitting): I had the task of converting the crocheted Dream Blanket 4.0 into a knitted version. This was quite a challenge, because there were many crochet stitches used which simply don’t exist as knitting stitches. But we managed it. Both blankets resemble each other, and both are beautiful!

Monique, how did you come up with this pattern?

Monique (crochet): I already knew that I wanted to use the chevron stitch and include tassels in the Dream Blanket 4.0. That’s of course not enough for a whole blanket (ha-ha!), so I had a think about which other stitches would also look great. I collected all these different thoughts and combined these ‘loose ideas’ to make a beautiful whole.

What makes the Dream Blanket 4.0 a new and remarkable addition to the previous three Dream Blankets?

Monique (crochet): The Dream Blanket 4.0 looks, once again, completely different from the previous blankets! This is in large part due to fresh techniques and stitches being used. Several of these stitches give the blanket an extra dose of character. The spike stitch, the bead stitch, the chevron stitch, the granny squares and the ruffles are really striking and a real pleasure to crochet and knit.

Jolanda (knitting): Yes, I completely agree! And it’s of course wonderful that you can both crochet and knit the Dream Blanket 4.0! Another unique feature is that after the chevron stitch, you crochet/knit ‘straight’ again.

Why is the Dream Blanket 4.0 so fun to make?

Monique (crochet): It is the perfect project to fully dive into! Sometimes a big project—that you’ve been busy working on for a long time—can get a bit boring after a while, but the frequent changes between the different stitches and techniques in this project keep you challenged and interested. What was also new for me was to begin—and end—with a separate piece that I then joined onto the rest of the blanket. I really wanted to start with the chevron stitch and then work straight again afterwards. But because you begin with the large chevrons, it isn’t possible to just suddenly switch to working straight. That’s why I filled the edges of the chevron with granny squares and attached that to the rest of the blanket! This makes the blanket really unique and adds great variety, making crocheting it a pleasure. Finally, I finished it all off with tassels, which—again—is something completely different from crocheting and looks fabulous!

Jolanda (knitting): Knitting the Dream Blanket 4.0 is really varied, instructive and delivers a project that you can really be proud of! As a knitter, you don’t just learn existing stitches but also some completely new stitches. That’s because I have had to convert the crochet stitches into knitting stitches. For example, there isn’t a spike stitch in the knitting world, but we have created one and the result is brilliant. And the best thing of all is that all the pattern stitches are a combination of the basic knitting stitches.

The knitted Dream Blanket bears a striking resemblance to the crocheted Dream Blanket. Jolanda, how did you manage to put it together?

Jolanda (knitting): Observing and making lots of test swatches! I examined the crocheted Dream Blanket 4.0 really closely and then ‘translated’ each (crochet) stitch into a knitting stitch. I also made a whole range of swatches to see exactly how many rows I would need to get the same effect.

Monique (crochet): It may sound simple, but Jolanda managed to do this in such a clever way, hats off to her!

And the most frequently asked question is… how difficult is the Dream Blanket 4.0 to crochet or knit?

Jolanda (knitting): It is challenging, but not difficult! If you read carefully and do exactly what it says, then it will turn out great. It is of course a bit harder if you haven’t been knitting or crocheting for that long, but if that’s the case, just take your time and make smaller swatches frequently to try out each (new) stitch.

Monique (crochet):  It is important that you already have a good working knowledge of all the basic stitches and that you have already crocheted a range of projects. Once you have a firm grasp of all the basic stitches, and yes, read the pattern carefully and watch the video tutorials, it is certainly doable! If you are finding the pattern quite tough, then sometimes it can help to write out the pattern for yourself and/or to draw it.

Where should you use the blanket at home?

Monique (crochet): A really simple answer… pop it on the sofa! The blanket would look amazing there and it is perfectly placed for you to snuggle under. If you're going to crochet the blanket in cheerful colors (such as cream and mustard), then I think it would also look great in a child’s bedroom.

Jolanda (knitting): I completely agree; it would look brilliant draped playfully over the sofa.

What would you like to say to all the crafters who are going to crochet/knit the Dream Blanket 4.0?

Monique (crochet): Have fun! I wish you lots of crocheting pleasure! To make it easier to crochet (and knit), I recommend that you use stitch markers. And the easiest way to make the tassels is with the Prym Love Tassel Maker!

Jolanda (knitting): Enjoy it, you will learn lots of new stitches that you can use in your other projects. And here’s another tip: use a circular knitting needle! It’s a great way to knit and easy to knit your rows back and forth. And you can leave your work on the cable and simply change the needle tips when required.

Click here for more information about the Dream Blanket 4.0, including all the details you need to get hold of the kits, how to access the private CAL/KAL, and more!

Are you just as excited as we are to get started on your very own Dream Blanket 4.0? Which will you go for, the knitted or the crocheted version?

Remember to share your Dream Blanket 4.0 progress and results with us on Facebook or Instagram with #yarnplaza and #dreamblanket4.

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