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Storing Your Crochet Hooks: Hook Pouches and Cases

Storing Your Crochet Hooks: Hook Pouches and Cases
Posted on 27-2-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet hooks are essential tools for your favorite hobby (CROCHETING!), so at the very least they deserve a safe and happy place to live! Let us inspire you with some great ideas for storing your crochet hooks. We even have 2 free patterns to share with you so you can crochet your very own crochet hook storage.

Storing your crochet hooks – Whether you have just a couple or indeed a massive collection of crochet hooks, you obviously need to figure out a way to store them tidily. And preferably with style too! Of course, there are all kinds of ways to do so. Read on for 3 fun storage ideas: handmade, ready-made and the go-wild option!

1 | Crochet your own hook case!

Our lovely crocheters have designed 2 crochet hook cases just for you! And the cherry on top? These crochet patterns are completely FREE! Yes! So, choose your favorite design, pick some lovely colors and start crocheting!

  • Colorful crochet hook case
    Use Phildar Phil Cabotine to crochet this cheerful case in all your favorite colors. The case has a nice deep pouch and an easy-to-use closure. Simply slip the loop over the crocheted bobble, and you’re good to go! When you open the case, you get a quick overview of all your crochet hooks so it’s no trouble finding the size you need. Check out the crochet pattern for the crochet hook case.

  • Crochet hook roll case
    This roll case takes up very little space and is perfect for on the road (or even just moving from one room to another). Its compact size says nothing about its capacity, however. This handy case offers ample room for all your crochet hooks, even if you have 100+ crochet hooks! That’s because the pattern is a piece of cake to adapt; just make the case as long as you want. Roll it out and it’s easy to see all your hooks at a glance, each safely stored in their individual compartments. Roll it back up and tie the crocheted cord closed with a bow. Done! It also has a handy little loop inside to attach some marker rings and space for a little scissors. Crochet the roll case using Yarn and Colors Must-Have, a lovely cotton yarn available in over 100 different shades! Check out the crochet pattern for the crochet hook case.

2 | 'Ready-made' storage for your crochet hooks

Would you prefer to solve your storage dilemma with zero fuss so you can get back to tackling your WIP (work-in-progress) pile or start a big exciting crochet project? Then choose one of these gorgeous ready-made cases or pouches, all with different shapes, sizes, colors and prints.

  • Crochet hook cases
    This crochet hook case is straightforward to use for storing all your hooks. The case has a cute cat print with pink and blue details and closes with a lovely smooth-running zip. There are 7 separate elastic holders on the inside for keeping your hooks in place. All that’s left to decide is whether to go with the cat print or the woodland theme.
  • Yarnplaza crochet pouches
    The colors and prints of these pouches are sure to cheer you up on any cloudy day! Not only can you store your crochet hooks in the handy side pocket, but there’s also a larger compartment for your yarn and other accessories. It’s practically a mobile workstation! Check out all the Yarnplaza crochet pouches.

3 | Creative storage ideas

Do you (almost) always crochet in the same place? Maybe a favorite armchair or a nook that catches the light? And is there space to display your growing collection of crochet hooks? Then show them off! Arrange them stylishly (or haphazardly, we won’t judge) in pretty jars, pots, mugs or glasses on a table or shelf. To add a pop of color and a cozy vibe, you could even crochet around the pots! Check out this free crochet pattern for a cute pink and white pot cover.

How do you store your crochet hooks? We’d love to see your storage solutions. Share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram using #yarnplaza.

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