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Knit and Crochet with Yarnplaza to Fight Against Coronavirus!

Knit and Crochet with Yarnplaza to Fight Against Coronavirus!
Posted on 23-3-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Both office and school buildings as well as local supermarket shelves are empty. We touch elbows instead of shaking hands and keep 1.5 meters distance between us. The sentence ‘I’m just Skyping with Grandpa’ is now a common refrain and the term ‘work-days’ has been replaced by ‘home-days’. There is no way around it anymore, the Coronavirus is well and truly among us and is not going away any time soon. Which means that the hot topic of day is still where to find toilet paper and the question on everyone's lips is: What can I do to fight against Coronavirus?

Yarnplaza x Yarn and Colors

We are living at a time when actions speak louder than words. That is why Yarnplaza and Yarn and Colors have joined forces—and want to encourage you to join us—to help support the Red Cross. From Monday 23rd March until Sunday 5th April*, we will donate 10% of the proceeds of all Yarn and Colors products and kits that use Yarn and Colors to the Red Cross. Only together can we knit and crochet to help win the fight against Coronavirus!

* Update: Thanks to the huge response we've received, we've decided to extend our Red Cross campaign until 28th April 2020!

The Red Cross

All the initiatives and contributions made to the Red Cross enable the organization to act worldwide and offer help wherever needed. During the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, the Red Cross provides information about the virus and how we can reduce the risk of infection. The organization has also set up a helpline for all our vulnerable loved ones, so that they too can get the help they need at any time. Additionally, the Red Cross offers aid packages to people in quarantine and mental health support where necessary.

Helping hands

Let’s use our wonderful hobby to be part of the solution to this crucial question: ‘What can I do to protect myself and the people around me?’. So, are you ready for a new project? Turn these home-days into knitting / crochet / punch needle / macramé days and choose yarn from the extensive Yarn and Colors collection. Are you looking for inspiration? Then consider one of our many Yarn and Colors kits. The kits come with all the yarn, patterns and other requirements to breath some fresh air into your home or wardrobe during these darker days.

What would you say to…?

Some Baby Fabulous for making wonderfully soft blankets, the incredibly versatile Must-Have for all your Amigurumi needs, or Glamour to add that final touch of sparkle to your project? Color is a cornerstone of the Yarn and Color brand so, unsurprisingly, their yarn is available is a huge range of hues. This means you’ll have no problem finding the perfect color combination to tailor your new project to your unique taste, style and decor.

Fresh ideas

As we distance ourselves from one another, why not fill the gap this spring with new, fresh ideas? Easter may not be the same this year. Some stores have already run out of Easter eggs in addition to tinned food (boxed sea shell chocolates, anyone?). But you can still get into the Easter spirit and bring spring indoors by decorating your home with cheerful Easter decorations. Use our free Easter egg warmers crochet pattern and some Must-Have and Must-Have Minis to make some fun additions to your Easter breakfast table and bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Maybe you know someone whose birthday plans have fallen through. They spent all year looking forward to a big celebration. Now they find themselves left with a small gathering of just mom, dad, and their brothers and sisters. This fabulous Yarn and Colors Party Kit has all the ingredients to make anyone’s day that extra bit special and bright.


Dream big and fight Coronavirus

Yarn and Colors can also be spotted in our favorite blanket: The Dream Blanket. Treat yourself to every crochet and knitting enthusiast’s dream, a Dream Blanket kit, and at the same time do a very good deed: supporting and contributing to the invaluable work of the Red Cross! So, take a look in our webshop and discover all the beauty that Yarn and Colors has to offer. Make these home-days knitting and crochet days and support the Red Cross, because together we can win the fight against Coronavirus!

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