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Creative Tips for Stay-At-Home Days

Creative Tips for Stay-At-Home Days
Posted on 26-3-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Stay home, stay safe! We hear these important instructions on repeat throughout the day. Sure, the first few days at home were pretty fun. But now the novelty has started wearing off and boredom is setting in. To help you get through these expanses of free time, we’ve put together a list of creative tips for stay-at-home days.

Stay-at-home days - It wasn’t long ago that you could check out the latest movie release at the cinema. Or head to the gym for a cross-training session. You could meet up with friends and treat yourselves to high tea or evening drinks. The kids were sat at school desks or hanging from climbing frames at the park. Today, the world looks completely different. All thanks to the Coronavirus. It's easy to feel down, but instead of focusing on everything you can't do anymore, get the creative juices following and consider all the things you can do and now have the time for. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tip 1 | Take on a new challenge: Make the Dream Blanket 4.0

Maybe you’ve been lucky enough to just get started on a big crochet or knitting project, such as our Dream Blanket 4.0! We’ve already spotted many of them on social media in all different color combinations. They’re looking amazing, so keep it up! If you’ve been putting off signing up because you didn’t think you had the time, well, now’s your chance. You can join in the CAL/KAL anytime and receive the weekly pattern installments. Each week we include links to all previous installments, so you won’t miss out. All it takes is 10 weeks to make your dream come true: a throw blanket that you will treasure for a long time. So, whether crochet or knitting is your hobby of choice, hop on board!

Tip 2 | Share the love!

It’s at surreal times just like these that love and solidarity blossom. It’s wonderful to see so many initiatives emerging throughout our communities to help one another. Together we can win this fight against the Coronavirus. Yarnplaza and Yarn and Colors have also joined forces to help support the Red Cross in their incredibly vital work. And to help share the love, we’re giving you this free crochet pattern to make a lucky charm doll. A small gift from us to you, and from you to someone who could use a little extra luck in their lives. Or make one to say thanks to one of your heroes who you can always rely on when the going gets tough.

Tip 3 | Bring spring indoors

Would you prefer a smaller project or some fun seasonal knitting/crocheting? Then check out our round-up of Easter projects on the blog that’s packed full of great free patterns guaranteed to bring the Easter spirit. A family of chickens, a basket for your family Easter egg hunt or cheerful ornaments for your Easter branches.
We may have stepped back from our hectic paces of life, but being indoors, we may have missed the fact that spring officially started last week! To welcome the arrival of this fine season, we’ve put together some brand-new joyous spring kits to get you in the mood. Choose from a spring deer amigurumi, a Tunisian scarf or a floral wreath. They are wonderful projects to crochet while enjoying the sun from your window seat. These complete kits are available for pre-order now and will be ready to ship from 10th April.

Tip 4 | Learn something new: Knitting, crochet, macramé, punch needle, weaving, kumihimo…

‘No time’ can no longer be an excuse. Now is the time to learn something new, whether it be knitting, crochet, punch needlework, macramé, or any other type of handcraft. Do you find yourself, as you scroll past gorgeous handmade fashion items, trendy home décor and cute cuddly toys on Instagram or Pinterest, thinking: I wish I could make that too? Then now’s your chance! Have a go! You may find yourself falling in love. Sure, it may be challenging at first, getting your head around new techniques or mystifying abbreviations. But persevere! Focus on learning the basics, and practice, practice, practice. Our blog is packed full of easy-to-use patterns and tutorials for beginners. Fancy learning to knit socks? Check out of free online sock knitting course! And of course, our webshop is open for you 24/7 to make sure you have all the supplies you need to get crafting.

Kid-friendly tips for stay-at-home days

Schools are closed and teachers have been providing their students with thick folders full of homework. Between spelling and math exercises, don’t skip out on arts and crafts! It’s not just fun for the kids to get creative, but also hugely important. It develops their fine-motor skills, improves concentration and trains their hand-eye coordination. It’s a win-win situation!

They are no doubt missing their friends and classmates. Help them bridge the distance by making and sending friendship bracelets. A kumihimo disc is a fantastic tool that kids from around 7 years old can easily use to make sensational braided art. To find out how to use them, check out our kumihimo video tutorial. Let them choose their favorite colors and get braiding! Even younger kids can have great fun with a French knitting dolly and make jewelry or even brightly colored shoelaces to pimp up a boring pair of sneakers.

Go old-school. Think back to how you were first introduced to knitting or crocheting? Was it a grandparent, or an aunt, or a family friend who guided you through your first knit-and-purl stitches? Use this time to pay it forward and pass these skills on to the next generation.

And when in doubt, make pompoms. They always make the world feel lighter and brighter.

We hope we’ve inspired you to get creative and make some projects that are truly handmade with love. We love seeing your work, so please share them with us on our Facebook page or on Instagram with #yarnplaza. And share some of your creative tips for stay-at-home days in the comments below!

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