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Handcraft the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Posted on 6-4-2020 by Kim Koopmans

It’s nearly that time again! Mother’s Day! 10th May is just around the corner, the day we get to pamper our dear mothers (and grandmothers, and mothers-in-law…). This usually means breakfast in bed, with fresh orange juice, warm rolls and a Mother's Day gift. A quick trip to the supermarket will take care of the food side of things, so all that’s left is the question of what present to give. Do you go for yet another bunch of flowers? Or would a Mother’s Day high tea be fun? There’s also the options of a restaurant voucher or bookstore gift card.

The perfect Mother's Day gift - One thing’s for sure: the choices are many! Especially today where a gift is often just a click away. Many large online retailers will even guarantee next day delivery. Sure, this is super handy when you’ve lost track of the date. Or an anniversary has slipped your mind. Or you’ve simply come down with a bout of ‘procrastinitis’. But for Mother’s Day, if you really want to go the extra mile and make your mom feel super special, then it’s time to clear your schedule. Free up some evenings or a couple weekends and go for a more personal Mother's Day gift: your own handcrafted creation!

Handy handcrafting

Handcrafting, this catch-all term for creating with just the skill of your hands and a few simple tools and materials, is a magical thing. It’s a peaceful activity that you can enjoy on your own. Inside, on the sofa with a cup of tea, relaxing. It’s also a social hobby, whether you’re crafting alongside your sister, friends, grandmother, neighbor, people you’ve never met in person on the other side of the globe. And with handcrafting, both the destination and the journey bring great joy.

Speaking of joy, how joyous to be able to create a handmade gift that’s one of a kind and perfectly tailored to the receiver? Think of their favorite color, their personal style, their tastes in décor, their personality and preferences. If green is your mother’s favorite color and spring her favorite season, then the beautiful Tunisian Spring Scarf in soft shades of green would be perfect. A Mother's Day gift made with so much love and consideration can’t be anything but a big hit!

And last but certainly not least, by making the gift yourself, whether a new home accessory or a fun addition to their wardrobe, you could save yourself a pretty penny. In this case, the thought and the effort will definitely count way more than the cost!

Impossible to count on one hand…

Now that you’ve decided to put your hands to work and make a dazzling gift yourself, all you have to decide is which handcraft to do. Will it be knitting, crocheting, macramé or needle punching? Read on for some great ideas to make sure your gift this Mother’s Day goes down a treat!



Let’s start with knitting. ‘Insert, yarn over, pull through, drop off’; a process that will be very familiar to many handcraft enthusiasts. You don’t need much for knitting. A pair of knitting needles and some yarn go a long way. The basic stitches are easy to master and they’re all you need to get started on this beautiful Bernadette cardigan; a fabulous, versatile cardigan that can be knitted in either a long or short version in a whole range of colors. A wonderful addition to your mother’s wardrobe.

If you’re already a wiz at knitting and earned your ‘knitting queen’ crown, then why not surprise your mother with the Cotton-Cashmere Bolero Cardigan from Katia. It has a beautifully feminine lace motif and the luxurious, super soft cotton-cashmere blend feels glorious on the skin. A gift she’ll enjoy wearing all summer long!


Another much-loved handcraft technique is crochet. Crochet uses simple and more complex loops of yarn to create a whole range of differently textured fabric. And all you need is a crochet hook and some yarn! It doesn’t get much simpler than that. All kinds of yarn can be used for crocheting. A fine cotton yarn makes beautifully intricate and delicate work. Or use rope to crochet a rug or doormat. Choose whichever crochet hook size suits your selected yarn or cord.

A home accessory, an item of clothing, something practical for the household (a potholder or a set of coasters, for example): with crochet, everything is possible. Could your mom’s sofa do with a splash of color? Then crochet a funky Must-Have cushion; a real eye-catcher! Another fun and practical addition to your mother’s interior is a Yarn and Colors Basic Basket. Perfect for storing household odds and ends, holding balls of wool, or pimping up a plant pot!

If your mother’s internal thermometer has her reaching for a jacket throughout spring, consider crocheting her a spring scarf. Play with colors so that it complements your mother’s wardrobe. We love the fresh colors of the Yarn and Colors Colorful Scarf, guaranteed to cheer up anyone’s day. If those colors aren’t quite to your mother’s taste, you’ll be pleased to know that the yarn used, Yarn and Colors Super Must-Have, is available in more than 50 shades and the pattern can be purchased separately. So, get creative!


Another handcraft technique that deserves a place in this post is macramé. Macramé uses cord that is knotted in different ways to create a pattern. Because louder and/or more robust yarns are used for macramé, you can go to town and make amazingly striking and robust home accessories and décor. Try your hand at this technique with the Urban Feather Macramé Kit or combine it with crochet with the Yarn and Colors Three is a Charm WOW! Wall Hanging Kit. The result: a stunning wall hanging!

For more macramé fun, check out this free macramé plant hanger tutorial on our blog!

Punch needlework

Then we arrive in the world of needle punch. Punch needlework is a special embroidery technique in which you ‘punch’ a stretched piece of cloth with a punch needle and thread or yarn. This allows you to ‘draw’ beautiful masterpieces with a lovely 3D effect.

So, what would make the ideal punch-needle project for a creative Mother’s Day gift? You could punch a heart or a personal message that she can hang with love and pride on a wall in her home. Or punch a gorgeous cushion from Rico to cheer up your mother’s drab sofa, perfect if crochet isn’t your thing. Or maybe you want to gift your mother the chance to discover a new hobby. Grab one of these Rico Punch Needle pattern booklets. Add a punch needle, some yarn, an embroidery hoop, some monks cloth, and there you have it: a gift hamper that she can use to try out this trendy handcraft technique. What fun!

Just in case…

If you don’t have enough time to create your next masterpiece in time for the big day, why not make it a joint activity? Stock up on all the supplies you need for your handcraft of choice and spend some quality time handcrafting together one sunny day. Fresh cakes, a pot of tea or coffee, and you have all the ingredients for a truly memorable Mother’s Day gift!


Find top tips and inspiration for all kinds of handcraft techniques.

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