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Have a ball this summer, with these balls of summer yarn!

Have a ball this summer, with these balls of summer yarn!
Posted on 10-4-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Damp necks, fans working overtime, long traffic jams on route to the beach and SPF 50 smeared across your nose. In other words: summer! The season in which BBQs and blow-up pools are dragged down from the attic and any layer of clothing is one to many. But still, that one layer is essential! It protects your skin from the bright sun and keeps you warm when the day finally cools into evening. As your protector from the elements, what your clothes are made from deserves just as much attention as the color and print. Handcrafters have the advantage here. If you're creating your own summer wardrobe, you have complete control. You get to decide which summer yarn to use to create your next eye-catcher. But what are your options?

Summer is in full swing, but if you're still looking to make some fresh new additions to your summer wardrobe, we're here to help! First step: choose the perfect summer yarn! If you've been umming and ahing over the best material to use, one that will keep you cool and fresh on hot summer days, then you've come to the right place. Read on for an overview of all the different materials that get our summer-proof seal of approval!

All your summer yarn options in a row

Cotton yarn

And first up is cotton yarn. Cotton yarn is wonderfully cool and wicks away moisture really well. You’ll appreciate those qualities all the more when summer heats up and your back starts getting hot and sticky. To compensate for the heavy weight of cotton, brands such as Yarn and Colors, Lang Yarns, Katia and Lana Grossa have introduced lightweight cotton lines. For which we are truly grateful!

A great option is the new Yarn and Colors Favorite. A fine yarn made with 100% cotton and is incredibly versatile. From knitting to crochet and from amigurumi to clothing. Its thin, smooth thread is great for whipping up the loveliest projects, and once they're done, they're very easy to maintain because this yarn is washable up to 60°C. That's one very fine ball of yarn!

Lang Yarns Wooladdicts Sunshine will radiate freshness and fun in your wardrobe. As will Katia Ultrasoft, with its super-soft 100% organic cotton that is super lightweight and breathes wonderfully. And don’t forget Lana Grossa Certo. A ribbon yarn made from GOTS-certified sustainable cotton that gives your creations a lovely 3D effect.

Bamboo yarn

An alternative solution to cotton is bamboo yarn! These yarns are widely known for being lightweight, soft and glossy. Yarns guaranteed to let you shine in the summer, and not in a sweaty way.

For creating silky soft projects that are temperature-regulating, light and airy, and easy to wash in the washing machine, go for DMC Natura Bamboo yarn. This yarn is not just great for making summer outfits but also makes fine baby and childern’s clothing and cuddly toys. The yarn comes in a gorgeous range of soft and vibrhttps://www.yarnplaza.com/yarn?materiaal=5659ant shades, each joyous in their own way! Looking for a thin, loosely twisted bamboo yarn with a beautiful shine? Then look no further than Go Handmade Soft yarn, a super soft blend of bamboo, acrylic and absorbent cotton.

Linen yarn

The third stop on our grand tour of summer yarn is the linen yarn shelf. These yarns are durable, extra strong and have the ability to absorb 20% of their own weight in moisture! A quality that you’ll value all the more in the hot summer months.

Both Lana Grossa, with its Lana Grossa Romanza yarn, and SMC, with its SMC Soft Linen Mix yarn, have added some fine linen yarn to their collections. Another tip from us is DMC's Natura Linen, a wonderful mix of linen, viscose and cotton that's perfect for creation items with a rustic, natural look. A great contender for knitting and crocheting comfortable summer wear.

Tencel yarn

Have you ever heard of Tencel yarn? It’s made using plant fibers from the eucalyptus tree. This yarn is as strong as polyester and as soft and shiny as silk. A special yarn that certainly deserves a pole position on this tour.

Let’s begin with Hoooked Eucalyps. Eucalyps is a durable Tencel yarn with a lovely subtle shine that is available in beautiful selection of solid colors. They’re not the only brand to release a Tencel yarn; the ever popular Katia has treated us to Katia Tencel Cotton. This yarn is both moisture- and temperature-regulating and easy to wash. A great choice for balmy summer weather.

Merino yarn

The words ‘Merino yarn’ might have you automatically thinking ‘warmth’, but nothing could be further from the truth. Merino yarn is brilliant at regulating body temperature, so as your body warms up, the Merino will cool you down. Lana Grossa’s Cool Wool, part of their Cool yarn collection, has  a wonderfully soft and light thread that is perfect for making items you’ll love wearing all year round. Yes, in both winter and summer! We’re also big fans of Yarn and Colors, and their Yarn and Colors Serene is another fabulous choice for summer creations.

Katia Merino Baby will revolutionize your wardrobe, be it as a sweater, cardigan or shawl. Not only is Merino Baby made from 100% itch-free Merino wool, but the yarn has also been ‘superwash’-treated. This means that you can simply pop it in the washing machine and dryer, along with the rest of your laundry. How handy is that!?

Silk yarn

Just like Merino yarn, silk yarn is cool to wear in summer and warm in winter. Both Katia, with their Katia Silky Lace, and Lana Grossa, with their Lana Grossa Capri, have released superb silk yarns that are highly wearable all year round.

If you’re a fan of Rico yarn, you’ll be pleased to hear that their collection can cater to all your silky needs in the form of  Rico Fashion Silk Blend. A beautiful twisted yarn wherein silk, polyamide and cotton come together to produce a very high-quality lightweight yarn that feels wonderfully soft to touch. The only difficulty we see is in choosing which of their gorgeous soft, slightly glossy shades to go for.

Spoilt for choice!

In case you’re looking for inspiration for your next project, or need some extra guidance in choosing the perfect color or the best yarn, then why not explore our selection of gorgeous summer magazines. Packed full of ideas and patterns, all in the latest styles and color trends, you’re sure to uncover your new eye-catching make. To help you get started on your new project as quickly as possible, we’ve put together complete kits for some of our favorite summer designs. There’s something for everyone, young and old, knitter or crocheter.

Still can’t make your mind up? To find out more and explore all the new additions to our summer yarn collection, click here!



We wish you bundles of fun and huge success with all your summer yarn projects!

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