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Choosing the Perfect Crochet Hook for You

Choosing the Perfect Crochet Hook for You
Posted on 29-6-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Crochet; a handcraft technique that’s loved by many and practiced daily all over the world. If you’d like to join this wonderful group of creative spirits known as crocheters, then this blog’s for you. Choosing the perfect crochet hook can be tricky, but it’s got to be done! So, let us help you pick the perfect crochet hook for you, one that’ll glide smoothly through your latest crochet project and accompany you on many crochet adventures to come.

There really isn't much you need to crochet. Some yarn, a hook and a pattern. That’s pretty much it! “Does it even matter what hook I choose?”, I hear you ask. Well, yes. Yes, it does! To make sure the hook you buy is your crochet soul mate, we've put together some points you should take into consideration when searching for the perfect crochet hook. So, read on!

Choosing the Perfect Crochet Hook

Size of the hook

Big chunky blankets or tightly worked potholders; the difference between the two is huge! The finer the work, the smaller the hook you need. So, if you’re about to embark on a new set (or 3; bring on Christmas) of potholders, go for a smaller hook size. Think 3.5 or 4 mm hooks. If, however, you’re taking on the challenge of a cozy blanket to snuggle under on the sofa, then grabbing a larger hook is your best bet, say 6 mm for example. If you’re using a pattern, the designer has often made the choice for you. Each pattern indicates what size hook (or hooks) you need to get the desired (designed) results.

Are you a crochet newbie? Then, firstly, welcome! And please do yourself a favor and go for projects that use a bigger crochet hook. This will save you so much hassle until you get the basics under your belt. Really! Larger hooks create bigger stitches, all the easier to see where you are and where you're going.

How do you... crochet?

“Do you crochet loosely or tightly?”, is a question you often hear in conversations among crochet enthusiasts. If you’ve never held a crochet hook before, though, this is a tricky question to answer. First of all, an explanation. When you crochet, you’re essentially tying a series of interlocking knots. All these knots create the fabric that becomes your new blanket, scarf or cuddly toy (better known in the crochet world as 'amigurumi'). How tightly or loosely you tie those knots depends on your hand motions and how firmly you hold your yarn. It’s a very individual thing!

But you can adjusted for this by changing what size hook you use. If, for example, the designer of the pattern works really tightly but you’re more loosey-goosey, then go for a half size smaller crochet hook to account for the difference. This way you make sure that the blanket or cardigan turns out the same size as the original! The easiest way to test this before you get halfway through the project is to crochet a gauge swatch. If your swatch turns out bigger or smaller than indicated, change hook size. When you're itching to start a new project, crocheting swatches is a drag. We get it. But it’s definitely worth it in the long run, especially for clothing where size really matters.

The hook tip

From the size - or thickness - of the hook we move on to the shape of the hook's head. Some hooks have short shafts which can make it more difficult to crochet cluster stitches, or very rounded tips which can be hard to insert through your stitches. Others might have very pointy tips which could split your yarn. On the other hand, an extra pointy tip can come in handy if you need to insert through tightly worked fabric. It’s simply a matter of choosing what suits you and the project you’re working on best. If it’s your first hook, go for something in-between all the extremes on offer.

The handle

In terms of ‘Head, shoulders, knees and toes’, we've reached the ‘knees and toes’ region: the handle. Now, much like gelato, crochet hook handles come in all colors and flavors. But it really boils down to 3 things that you need to consider regarding your future crochet hook’s handle. Is the handle flat or round? Does the grip, well, grip? And do you go for a hard or soft cover?

Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. And not even decisions to take lightly because you’ll be getting quite some mileage with whatever hook you choose. Unless you’re crocheting on an absolute shoe-string, it's well worth your while to invest in an ergonomic crochet hook. They needn't break the bank, but they'll spare you a whole lot of hand strain. We guarantee that a slightly soft grip with a flattened thumb rest will fuel your crochet addiction like nothing else!

Now, do you suffer from arthritis, rheumatism or a repetitive strain injury? Then try the Addi Swing, the super-duper ergonomic hook that’s been specially designed with you in mind. Oh yes, there really is a hook for everyone!

How much is too much?

The final point of comparison where crochet hooks can differ greatly is... the price! There’s your local drugstore’s own-brand blush and there’s rouge from Chanel. There’s your run-around car from Renault or the latest supercar model from Tesla that stops traffic wherever it goes. And the world of crochet hooks is no different. We have 'crème de la crème' hooks and there are hooks that are, well, 'crème'. Both hooks will get you from A to B in relative comfort and give you the results you want. So, the question to ask yourself is: How often am I going to use this hook? And which hook do I find most comfortable to hold? That should give you your answer.

For a fully informed decision, check out our entire assortment of crochet hooks. And if you have any questions about specific models, get in touch! We’re more than happy to help you find your new best (crochet) friend.

The Yarnplaza team’s hooks of choice

Still can’t make your mind up? Then how about a round up of our top 3 to simplify matters? We canvased the Yarnplaza team’s hook preferences  and in podium positions are… (drumroll, please)…

1. Yarn and Colors

2. Addi Swing

3. Knitpro Waves

Good luck finding the perfect crochet hook for you! And for more crochet tips and inspiration, follow us on Facebook and Instagram or sign up to our newsletter.

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