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Round-Up of the Best Handmade Home Accessories

Round-Up of the Best Handmade Home Accessories
Posted on 27-7-2020 by api_more2make.nl

Summer is in full swing, meaning that your big spring clean is (should be!) behind you. You've pulled everything away from the walls, your baseboards and floorboards have been dusted and polished. And curtains laundered. Ovens are sparkling. But has this deep clean and all those working-from-home days now convinced you that your home could do with an upgrade? Then, now's your chance! With the longer summer days and holidays from school and work, your schedule is finally clear enough to tackle some trendy DIY home décor projects. And if you’re still on the hunt for some much-needed inspiration for handmade home accessories, then read on!

There are lots of ways you can pimp up your interior décor. All you need is a clear vision of what you’d like your home to look like, from what style of décor you’d prefer to what color palette you’d like to use. Once that’s decided, finding the right home accessories to make is a piece of cake and you can invest your time into adding your own unique, personally touches on your home.

What handmade home accessories could you create?


Sometimes, all a space needs is a fresh lick of paint to cheer it up. But for smaller-scale splashes of color, nothing beats a handmade cushion. You could mix and match an elegant and understated cushion, like the Yarn and Colors Moss and Cross, with a fun color block motif, like the Yarn and Colors Fab and Black, White and Bright cushions. For something that’s a bit more out there and exciting, jazz up your sofa with an array of shapes and sizes. Alternate standard square-shaped cushions with more rounded ones (like the Leaf Cushion, also from Yarn and Colors), rectangular ones (these Loco Loco and Crazy Pillow options from Rico Design are fa-bu-lous, darling!) or go wild with an animal shape, like this Cheetah Cushion. Pure style guaranteed for all dull sofas and armchairs, that’s for sure!

What to browse through all the cushions in our collection? Check them out here!

On the wall

Maybe your sofa, bed and sun lounger are overrun with throw cushions and repainting the walls is simply not on the cards. Then a great way to update your space is with an eye-catching wall hanging. All these options are easy to make yourself using a variety of handcraft techniques, from crochet to macramé. Why not have a go at one of these trendy and modern wall hangings from Yarn and Colors? There’s abstract, minimalist and boho options to suit every interior décor style. Or knot yourself one of these beautiful macramé feathers. They’re perfect for anyone new to the world of macramé. Everything single one of these lovely accessories would add a fine personal touch to your living space or bedroom in very little time. Great, right?

Practical and stylish, is that possible?

But, of course! For example, these trendy handmade washcloths add a touch of elegance to your kitchen counter or bathroom while also helping you keep yourself and your home squeaky clean. Or corral all the odds and ends lying around the place in a crocheted basket, like this chic Basic Basket from Yarn and Colors. Make one (or 20) in your favorite hue from a choice of over 50 different colors. These fab home accessories also make great yarn stash holders, or even trendy plant baskets! It doesn’t get more practical than that!

Once your weekly chores are done and you’ve picked up the living room, it’s time to brace yourself and face your kid’s room. Chances are, the reason all that Lego and those train tracks, doll’s clothes and dressing up paraphernalia are on the floor is because the kids have nowhere to put them. We have the solution! Make one of these cheerful Rainbow Baskets from Yarn and Colors; a colorful basket with a fun rainbow motif that looks great in any play area or kid’s room. And best of all? It comes with a lid!

And if you’d like to treat your mini-me to the full rainbow treatment (why wouldn’t you?), crochet a matching rugflag lineroll cushion or lampshade, all featuring this colorful celestial arc.


Fine throws make very fine handmade home accessories

There’s nothing more wonderful than snuggling on the sofa with your sweetheart under a cozy blanket. Throw in your favorite TV series or an exciting book (or some knitting or crochet) and it’s pure bliss! Sure, you could pop to any home furnishing store and pick up a beautiful throw. But if you want something that’s the exact color you love with a personal touch, there’s nothing more rewarding that a great blanket project! This way you’re guaranteed to have a blanket that suits your taste and is loved by all who use it. It won’t be just the yarn keeping you toasty warm on cold wet days, but also the love you've put into it. So, do you have a cheerless sofa just begging to be draped in a beautiful throw blanket? Then head over to Yarnplaza.com and let yourself be inspired!


We hope you’re full of ideas to start transforming your house into the home of your dreams with some fantastic handmade home accessories. We’d love to see what you’re making, so please share a photo with us via Facebook or Instagram with #yarnplaza. For more inspiration and special offers, subscribe to our newsletter.

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