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10 Patterns for The Most Wonderful Winter Scarves

10 Patterns for The Most Wonderful Winter Scarves
Posted on 18-11-2020 by api_more2make.nl
Want to know what’s at the top of everyone’s winter essentials list? A lovely, warm scarf! There’s nothing better than a cozy, chunky scarf to get through the cold and blustery days in warmth and comfort. And of course, the best scarves are ones you’ve knitted or crocheted yourself. If you or a friend is still looking for the perfect accessory to keep you toasty warm this winter and you want to treat yourself to a handmade treasure, then you’ve come to the right place. Let us inspire you with 10 crochet and knitting patterns for making the most fabulous winter scarves. Grab your hook or needles and read on! The perfect winter scarf is just a download away.

We’ve selected a few of our favorites from the many scarf patterns you can find at Yarnplaza.com, ones that are absolutely worth your consideration. On our list, you’ll find 5 crochet patterns and 4 knitting patterns for making different kinds of scarves. Plus, there’s one pattern that comes in both a knitted and crocheted version. From crochet cowls to knitted shawls, you’re sure to find the ideal pattern for you!

10 Crochet and Knitting Patterns for Fantastic Scarves

1. Sweet Seventies Shawl
Technique: Knitting (Beginner/Intermediate)
Why we love it: Great variety of stitches, suitable for beginners, trendy retro look.

2.  Ingenua Scarf
Technique: Knitting (Beginner)
Why we love it: A very simple pattern, colorful, extra-long and super cozy.

3. Yarn and Colors Simple Scarf
Technique: Knitting / Crochet (Beginner)
Why we love it: Pattern includes both knitting and crochet options, minimalist and ideal for beginners taking their first steps in the crochet/knitting world.

4. Yarn and Colors Black White and Bright Scarf
Technique: Crochet (Beginner/Intermediate)
Why we love it: Funky, cheerful colors, interesting but easy stitches and tassels (who doesn’t love tassels?)! Patterns for matching hat and mittens also available.

5. Yarn and Colors Chunky Cheerful Cowl
Technique: Crochet (Beginner)
Why we love it: Simple stitches, chunky, stylish and warm! Don’t forget to check out the matching Chunky Cheerful hat and mitten patterns for a complete set.

6. Yarn and Colors Lots of Dots Wrap
Technique: Crochet (Beginner/Intermediate)
Why we love it: Beautiful lace pattern in elegant ton-sur-ton colors. Cann be worn all year round, so great for anyone lucky enough to live in more temperate climates.

7. Cosy Wool Scarf
Technique: Knitting (Beginner)
Why we love it: Fabulous triangular scarf, gorgeous (but simple!) lace stitches combined with stockinette, large size for maximum cozy effect.

8. Yarn and Colors Soft Serene Scarf
Technique: Crochet (Beginner)
Why we love it: The softest, warmest 100% merino wool makes this the coziest scarf, plus fun tassels and an easy pattern, and did we mention tassels? Why not make a matching Soft Serene headband?

9. Alaska Infinity Snood
Technique: Crochet (Intermediate)
Why we love it: Fun and interesting Moroccan Tile stitch pattern, long enough to wrap twice around your neck.

10. Olympia Snood and Hat
Technique: Knitting (Beginner)
Why we love it: Quick to knit, simple stiches, chunky and warm result. Make a matching set with just one extra ball of yarn!

Fancy a knitting challenge?

Then check out the book Colorwork Shawls by Melanie Berg. This fantastic, bilingual (German-English) book includes the most stunning shawl designs made using a range of colorwork techniques, from slip stitches to mosaic patterns. She includes tips for creating color combinations that work, whether you’re using solid- or gradient-colored yarn. She also covers how to knit the special techniques she uses in the patterns. So, if you’re looking for an interesting winter project that will challenge you and want to upgrade your knitting skills, this is it! - The book is available for €22 at Yarnplaza.com and you can order yours here.

If you’re crocheting or knitting one of these lovely scarfs, shawls or cowls, let us know on Instagram or Facebook. Don’t forget to tag us, as we’d love to see what you’re making!

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