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Dream Blanket 5.0

Dream Blanket 5.0
Posted on 13-1-2021 by api_more2make.nl
Let’s get the party started! We’re proud to present the Dream Blanket 5.0, a very special anniversary edition! In recent years, we’ve designed four unique throw blankets with exciting varieties of stitches. And once again, this year, we’re adding another lovely edition to the list, the 5.0. To mark the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the Yarnplaza Dream Blankets, we’re getting out the balloons and streamers and you’re invited! Come to our Corona-proof party and join us for another fantastic project full of adventure. Curious about what festivities we have planned, including the extension of our Dream Collection with some fun amigurumi designs? Then read on!
As in all previous years, our in-house crochet designer Monique has once again outdone herself and designed a stunning new Dream Blanket. Wondering whether this blanket stands out from the other four blankets in terms of looks? Yes, it sure does! Are we going to work alongside each other again for 10 weeks in the form of a CAL/KAL? You bet! And are we going to have a lot of fun crocheting and knitting the anniversary edition of the Dream Blanket? You can count on it!

Dream Collection

Over the last 5 years, Yarnplaza has been adding to its Dream Collection; a collection of much-loved blanket designs, including summer and baby editions of the main CAL blankets. But what about all you amigurumi lovers? As a special treat for the 5th anniversary of the Dream Blanket, our in-house amigurumi designer, Annemarie Arts, has created something extra special just for you. A collection of star- and cloud-shaped cushions and music boxes for decorating your nursery or child’s room, as well as an adorable dress-up bear with a wardrobe full of outfits for all occasions. The Dream Collection guarantees hours of crochet pleasure and each project is available as a complete crochet kit or downloadable pattern. Get started on your Dream Collection here!

Dream Blanket 5.0

The first four Dream Blankets can best be described as warm and compact. For this anniversary edition, designer Monique wanted to take a different approach with ‘airy’ as her vision for Dream Blanket 5.0. In practice, this meant going for a different yarn and using different crochet and knitting techniques for the design. Whereas previous blankets were made using Yarn and Colors Happy, the 5.0 edition is made using Yarn and Colors Joy, a thinner, much lighter yarn, and this time it features panels of filet crochet and lace knitting.

Using the wonderfully versatile techniques of filet crochet and lace knitting has resulted in a beautiful blanket. To give the stitches an extra chance to shine, we’ve opted to stick with just one color this time. And oh, how they shine! The monochrome design also makes it easier to coordinate the blanket with the rest of your interior décor and allows this new eye-catcher to have a soothing effect on your home without the distraction of competing colors.

And have no fear, you are sure to find exactly the right color for your home, because the Dream Blanket 5.0 crochet and knitting kits come in no fewer than 12 different colors! Click here to order your kit now.


With many of us missing the joy and camaraderie of crocheting or knitting with our handicraft buddies, a CAL (Crochet Along) and a KAL (Knit Along) was just what the doctor ordered! This year, we once again worked alongside each other for 10 weeks to make this beautiful Dream Blanket.

The CAL/KAL started on Tuesday 9 March 2021. And from then on, you received part of the pattern every Tuesday for 10 weeks. With the accompanying video tutorials, we guided you step by step through crocheting or knitting that week’s instalment.


The official CAL/KAL might now be over, but you can still join the fun and knit or crochet your own Dream Blanket 5.0. If you’d like to use yarn from your stash or a different yarn completely, you will need the following:

Dream Blanket 5.0 (Crochet):
• Size: ± 130 x 180 cm
• Yarn required: 14 balls of Yarn and Colors Joy
• Crochet hooks: 3.5 mm - 4 mm - 5 mm
Skill level: Intermediate (you need to have mastered the basic stitches)

Dream Blanket 5.0 (Knit):
• Size: ± 120 x 150 cm
• Yarn required: 11 balls of Yarn and Colors Joy
• Circular knitting needles: 3.5 mm with a 100 cm cable
• Cable needle (Tulip Plastic Cable Needle Set)
Skill level: Intermediate (good grasp of basic stitches)

Have you already made previous editions of the Dream Blanket? Then you won’t want to miss the Dream Blanket 5.0 anniversary edition to complete the set! Order your kit or the pattern, and all that’s left to say is, HAPPY MAKING!


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