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Winter Yarn 2020/2021

Winter Yarn 2020/2021
Posted on 18-1-2021 by api_more2make.nl
Brrr... It's cold outside! With temperatures dropping ever closer to zero and below and the occasional flurries of snow making their appearance, winter is well and truly here. We may not have all gotten the White Christmas we’d been hoping for, but after a relaxing festive period spent indoors, enjoying all the traditions that go with it, it’s time to break out those hooks and needles and get on with some fun new projects that will keep us warm till spring. And what better place to start than with a rundown of the top winter yarns of 2020/2021! Let us inspire you…

When we talk about warm sweaters, cardigans, and scarves, we automatically think of wool. Wool has wonderful heat-regulating properties to offer. This essentially means that wool keeps the heat in when you’re cold and releases the excess when you’re warmed up. Clever! ‘Wool’ is really a catch-all term and the actual origin of wool is quite diverse. Mohair, for example, refers to the silky soft, shiny wool that comes (primarily) from angora goats. Merino wool, on the other hand, comes from merino sheep, one of the oldest and hardiest breeds of sheep in the world. And alpaca wool... Well, the name says it all. Alpaca wool comes from the coats of those lovable-looking alpaca. Fluffy alpaca wool is ideal for knitting beautiful, soft, lightweight sweaters that look great and feel even better.


Mohair is considered to be a luxury yarn by many. This wool has a natural shine of its own and absorbs dye extremely well. The latter characteristic allows for the creation of balls of wool with fantastic bright colors that you can use to knit the most eye-catching garments. A good example is Lana Grossa Silkhair Haze Dégradé, a lovely soft ball of mohair with subtle color transitions. Would you like to make a cardigan or sweater for a festive occasion? Then Mohair Luxe Lamé from Lang Yarns is the one for you! This yarn has a glitter thread spun with the mohair to make your creations that extra bit special.

If it’s not important to you that the yarn is made from 100% mohair, then a yarn that might interest you is Katia Ingenua Moda. This budget-friendly yarn contains 78% mohair and comes in a fantastic range of bright and neutral colorways. Combined with the hairy structure of this yarn, the results are always playful and wonderfully airy.

Can’t make your mind up between mohair and merino? Then Lana Grossa Brigitte No. 3 is a fine choice! Brigitte No. 3 is a soft, hairy yarn made from mohair, merino wool, and polyamide. Plus, it comes in a great range of beautiful solid colors!


When it comes to merino wool, you’re spoilt for choice of qualities and colors at Yarnplaza. There are the fine merino options from Lang Yarns, like Lang Yarns Neon and Wooladdicts Hope and Glory. And you’ll definitely want to consider the lovely balls from Katia's new winter collection: Alma, Eden, Sky and Yoga. If you’re a fan of Lana Grossa, check out Landlust Winterwolle. And you won’t want to miss Lana Grossa Nuvoletta, the ideal yarn for making the most snuggly cardigans ever. Nuvoletta is super soft, fabulously fluffy, and incredible light. How? The secret is in the special composition of this newcomer from Lana Grossa: merino wool, baby alpaca wool and a small addition of polyamide. Have we sparked your interest? Check out all the wonderful, earthy colorways of the lovely Nuvoletta here!


Alpacas are adorable! And the coats of these woolly animals make lush balls of wool. We have plenty of alpaca options in our assortment. A really interesting option is Lana Grossa’s Brigitte No. 2, a soft, airy yarn made from cotton and alpaca wool. The tubular cotton mesh is filled with air-blown fibers of alpaca wool to create a yarn that is very lightweight, wonderfully soft, and almost fleece-like. An ideal yarn for warm winter sweaters, scarves, and cardigans! Are you a big fan of Drops? Then be sure to check out Drops Alpaca, Drops Andes, Drops Nepal Uni Colour and Drops Puna. All fantastic options for making beautiful alpaca-wool creations!

Alternative yarn


For your next winter project, you might decide not to use wool at all! There are some really exciting alternatives for you to consider. Like Katia’s brand-new Soft Gratté. This yarn has the look of luxurious mohair but is made from 80% acrylic and 20% polyamide. That’s right, no animal fibers at all! This is welcome option for vegans, those with wool allergies, and anyone looking for a non-itch alternative! Perfect for that long, fluffy cardigan you’ve had your eye on. Looking for something extra special? Keep the cold and dark at bay with a deliciously warm cowl made from Lang Yarns Grace, a yarn made from 60% silk and 40% cashmere. If you’re looking for inspiration for Lang Yarns Grace, then definitely have a browse through the Lang Yarns Fatto a Mano No. 265 magazine and all its beautiful designs for stylish winterwear.

More winter yarn

Have we aroused your curiosity for trying something new from our winter yarn collection? And are you itching to get started on a new winter warmer? Then scroll through our extensive range of yarn that caters for everyone (Fun fact: Did you know we have over 20,000 different types of yarn in store?). You’re sure to find the perfect ball of wool for your next project. Have fun exploring all the winter yarn in our assortment!

Have you cast on a new project with one of our fine balls? Then do share it with us on Facebook and Instagram with #yarnplaza.

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