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Top 10 Granny Square Crochet Kits and Patterns

Top 10 Granny Square Crochet Kits and Patterns
Posted on 1-2-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
From cushions to cardigans and blankets to key chains. The granny square is the foundation block for an infinite number of crochet projects. Are you also a big fan of this highly versatile square? And are you looking for a new crochet project? Then you’ve come to the right place! Read on for our favorite crochet patterns and kits featuring granny squares.

Let's journey back in time to a couple of centuries ago. To 1897, to be precise. It’s in an English crochet handbook published in this year that we find the first official mention of the granny square. Because yarn was very expensive at the time, every bit of it was used down to the very last centimeter. The need for a technique that used up leftovers from various projects to create something useful led to the birth of the granny square.

Since the 1970s, granny squares have been back in fashion and remain hugely popular today. Not only because they are ideal for using up scraps of yarn, but also because you can combine lots of different colors in one piece and they make great projects for on-the-go crochet. All you need is a tiny space for a crochet hook and a ball of yarn, then you can conjure up squares, hexagons, or whatever geometric shape you want wherever you are.

At Yarnplaza, it’s fair to say that we love granny squares. We have plenty of fun crochet patterns and crochet kits with granny squares in the lead role. Wondering what our top 10 granny square projects are? Then read on. 

1. SMC Catania Granny Square Blanket Crochet Kit
Cool, dark, and brooding. This stylish take on the classic granny square blanket is a great place to start for beginner crocheters. Even experienced crocheters will enjoy working on this relaxing project while watching their favorite series.

2. Yarn and Colors Circles and Spirals Blanket Crochet Kit
What a treat of a blanket! With its exciting pops of color and swirling candy motifs, this blanket is a must-have accessory to cheer up your home.

3. Yarn and Colors Romantic Throw Crochet Kit 
When you think granny square, you think blanket. Doesn’t this crocheted gem of a blanket simply ooze romance and nostalgia?

4. Catania  Granny Square Pillow Crochet Pattern 
This cheerful cushion is made up of 36 little granny squares all bound within an elegant border. Pick colors to suit your interior and make your own unique version with this free crochet pattern.

5. Catania Granny Square Bag Crochet Pattern
Crochet your own bag with this free pattern from Schachenmayr. The hugely popular crochet cotton, SMC Catania, comes in over 100 different colors, all available at Yarnplaza. Pick your favorites and crochet the bag of your dreams! 

6. Special Square Blanket Crochet Kit 
These aren't just granny squares, they’re special squares! They combine different colors and stitches, such as popcorn stitch and loop stitch. Go for something special and crochet a fabulous throw blanket for under €50.

7. Acrylic Power Flower Blanket Crochet Kit
With the incredibly affordable yarn, Budgetyarn Acrylic DK, you can crochet something impressive for a tiny price. Like this snazzy Acrylic Power Flower Blanket with cheerful colors and floral motif. Grab your hook and get started on this colorful granny square project!

8. Crochet Pattern granny Square Snood
Treat yourself to a new cowl this winter! With 6 balls of Phildar Partner 6, you can crochet a whole stack of granny squares to join into the ultimate winter warmer. 

9. Crochet Pattern Key Chain
In the true spirit of a granny square, this little project is perfect for using up those very last scraps of yarn. And the added bonus? You’ll never lose your keys again with this cute key chain of mini granny squares.

10. Crochet Pattern Basic Merino Granny Square Scarf
You see them everywhere these days, from the catwalk to the high street; bright clothing made from granny squares in an array of colors. Use this free pattern to whip up your very own cozy winter scarf featuring more than 100 little granny squares. The best way to keep the winter blues at bay!

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