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Yarnplaza & Handmadejolie

Yarnplaza & Handmadejolie
Posted on 16-2-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
In this edition of ‘Yarnplaza & …’, we meet Dutch designer Mariska van der Neut, better known as Handmadejolie. Last summer, she published her first book ‘Puur & Naturel Haken’ (Pure & Natural Crochet). Pure materials and calm, natural hues; no prize for guessing which decor style has stolen Mariska’s heart… That’s right, she’s all about Nordic chic. Are you also a fan of this relaxed, minimalist style? Then read on as Mariska introduces her new Stayhome 2020 Blanket and Cushion which she has designed exclusively for Yarnplaza. 

From Handmadejolie, the brand I created for my crochet work. I wanted something different from just ‘Mariska’. My children are called Julia and Olivier. By playing with the letters in those names, I came up with jolie which means pretty or lovely in French. And so, it became Handmadejolie. 

It began about 7 years ago. We had just moved to Sweden, but I actually got started with crochet as a result of a weekend with friends in the Netherlands. They were going to attend a crochet workshop the following Friday and I was sad that I’d be back in Sweden by then. So, instead, I joined in via Skype! And I’ve had a hook in hand almost every day since then. 

Natural, calm, and light. 

Home décor. And occasionally clothing. With home décor, you can crochet without concentrating all the time. Once you have design in mind, you simply crochet away while listening to an audiobook. I like to crochet clothing for a bit of variety. It is a challenge, though, to create a crocheted garment that looks really good. You have to pay attention to what you’re doing and make lots of notes. That’s why I prefer home décor.

That would probably be my Barcelona blanket. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever made.

That would have to be Sweden, where I’ve fallen in love with the light, Scandinavian style and increasingly incorporated it in my crochet designs. I started out using bright colors, but they’re really not my cup of tea. I’ve since moved more towards white, grey, and beige. 

Food first, then crochet. But without going out, haha! 

Knitting. I’m doing more and more of it now and I really enjoy it.

My girlfriends because they all started crocheting once I got hooked. First, I started crocheting, then they also started crocheting, so they’re probably my biggest fans. 

Very occasionally, my children. But that’s not actually a bad thing.

On the sofa, with Netflix or just while relaxing.

I crochet loosely.

Lots of yarn, lots of knitting needles, lots of crochet hooks…. A bit of everything, really.

My phone with Storytel. I love listening to audiobooks, even while crocheting.

I visited Yarnplaza last summer and it had been a while since I had crocheted a blanket. So, I thought it would be fun to create a blanket for Yarnplaza. At the time, I was (and still am, actually!) working on a cardigan using Yarn and Colors Happy and thought, ‘This would be a great yarn for a blanket’. And so began what turned into a staycation project for Yarnplaza. I enjoy combining different stitches while also creating a sort of calm. So, it evolved into a bit of a mix of things, with a touch of glitter.

I think it’s always nice to add a leather label to a handmade blanket or a sweater. It’s commemorative and adds a finishing touch. I therefore enjoy following ‘De Haakfabriek’ on Instagram. She’s super creative and often has fun ideas for small gifts. Whenever I want to give a small, handmade gift, I often find inspiration there. 

Crochet with Handmadejolie

Do you want to put your stay-at-home days in 2021 to good use and create something beautiful and positive, just like Mariska did last summer? Then order her Stayhome 2020 Blanket Crochet Kit and/or the Stayhome 2020 Cushion Crochet Kit. Home accessories with the wow-factor, thanks to the use of soothing colors, thoughtful accents, and special stitches. If you’d like to use a bright color as a contrasting color or different yarn, you can also order the Stayhome 2020 Blanket pattern or Stayhome 2020 Cushion pattern on their own.

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