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Crochet flowers for spring!

Crochet flowers for spring!
Posted on 31-3-2021 by api@more2make.nl
The sun is slowly shining brighter. The temperatures are creeping higher, bike rides are back on the schedule, and newborn lambs are making themselves heard; spring is in the air! And even though hot summer days are still a while away, spring has its own USPs (Unique Selling Points). Not least of which is that spring is the season that sees mother nature embellish herself once more in a riot of color. The trees are finally blossoming, and fields of flowers are blooming. If there’s one thing for sure: flowers make everyone happy! Which is why Yarnplaza has put together a special bouquet just for you!

The Spring Bouquet

Are you familiar with the overwhelming feeling of  'Help, I cant choose!' whenever you walk into a flower shop? (I am!) You wander around, not too sure which color palette you like best, which flower varieties are a match made in heaven, how big the price tag will be for your ultimately far-too-large armful of blooms. We’ve got good news! Our crochet designer, Annemarie Arts, has solved all these problems for you and created a beautifully composed bouquet of crocheted flowers using Yarn and Colors Favorite. One that is both a pleasure to make and a joy to give to others.

If you’d like to treat yourself (or someone else) to this brightly colored bunch of flowers, you can dive in with either the digital crochet pattern or shop the complete crochet kit. The kit comes with the crochet pattern for making all four flowers plus the large leaf, as well as all the yarn you need to get started on this sunny spring bouquet. All you need in addition is a 1.75 mm crochet hook and 3 mm iron wire (easy to find at your local hardware store).

Would you like to get started with the digital crochet pattern? Then, in addition to the 1.75 mm hook and 3 mm iron wire, you will need the following materials:

Did you know...

… that flowers provide lots of great health benefits? Instead of waiting for your partner to walk through the front door with a beautiful bunch, treat yourself to this beautiful bouquet of (crocheted) flowers! Because you’re always worth it. In fact, flowers stimulate two of our senses: sight and smell. Now, of course, with a bunch of crocheted flowers, the nose doesn’t get much of a look-in (or is that ‘smell-in’?). But the eyes, all the more so! Various studies have shown that flowers can boost your creativity and cognitive performance. Other studies have shown that having flowers in your line of sight can help you feel more at ease. They improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and restlessness. How fantastic! Did you know that a study by the University of North Florida found that flowers can also reduce your stress levels? Well, now you know.

Oh, and by the way, your nose will thank you eventually. If you’ve ever emptied a vase of real flowers that are past their best, the stench of stagnant water is not to be taken lightly. With this bouquet, that will never be a problem!


The most special thing about a bunch of flowers, I think we can all agree, is the act of giving them to others. They help you show someone that you’re thinking of them. They are a way to congratulate, offer condolences, wish someone good luck, or even simply to surprise them with something a little extra, just because they need it. And if you want to convey a particular message with the flowers? Then familiarize yourself with 'floriography': the language of flowers. The variety of flowers and their colors each have their own symbolic meaning. So, if you find it hard to put what you feel for someone in words, show them in the language of flowers and craft your own meaningful arrangement with the Spring Bouquet crochet pattern. Picking your own colors will make the message all the more personal. And that’s flower power! Enjoy!

Are you crocheting this gorgeous Spring Bouquet (or even just a bloom or two!)? Then share a photo with us on Facebook or Instagram! We love seeing your makes. Don’t forget to tag us @yarnplaza with #yarnplaza so we can see them. Happy crocheting!

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