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Crochet or knit with Yarnplaza’s own yarn brand, Pink Label!

Crochet or knit with Yarnplaza’s own yarn brand, Pink Label!
Posted on 12-4-2021 by api_more2make.nl
It’s here! Yarnplaza is proud to present its very own yarn brand: Pink Label. Over the past year, we’ve worked very hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and now Pink Label is a reality! From 12 April, the pretty pink logo of Pink Label Yarns can be found online in our webshop and admired in person at the Yarnplaza Inspiration Center. Pink Label includes five different yarn qualities in a cohesive color palette. The great range of fiber contents, textures and colors on offer give you plenty of choice for bringing your creative ideas to life, whether you knit or crochet. To inspire you with all you can make with our yarn, we’ve also started designing fun crochet and knitting patterns that showcase each of these yarns. So, without further ado, read on to meet Pink Label and discover the exclusive designs we’ve created with them!

Whether you're a big fan of home décor, clothing, amigurumi, or handmade accessories, you'll find something to love in the Pink Label collection! This collection includes five different types of yarn, all offering hours of creative fun and stunning results. So, grab your knitting needles or crochet hooks, because it’s time to plan your next creation! :) To help you get started, let me introduce you to the five members of the Pink Label Yarns family. Cup of tea or coffee and some sweet treats (it is a party, after all) at the ready? Then let me make the introductions!

Pink Label Mixed Up

We kick off with Pink Label Mixed Up, a yarn made from 60% cotton and 40% acrylic which lends itself perfectly to amigurumi and toys in all shapes and sizes. Think super-soft teddies, cuddly rabbits… All made with ease using Pink Label Mixed Up! But don’t be fooled into thinking this is a one-trick pony. This wonderfully soft yarn is also ideal for crocheting or knitting clothing, home décor and accessories. A great all-rounder! – Click here for more inspiration.

Pink Label Organic Cotton

Yarn number two in the Pink Label family is Organic Cotton. Or maybe that should be yarn number one, because Pink Label Organic Cotton is not just the best choice for yourself, but also for the planet. This fine, fingering-weight yarn is made from 100% soft organic cotton and is a pleasure to work with to create all kinds of fantastic projects. Make a cute sweater for your little one, a sustainable market bag for your groceries, or a delightfully airy top for summer. All these and more are possible with Pink Label Organic Cotton. So, what are you waiting for?!

Pink Label Cotton Tube

Another fabulous cotton option in the Pink Label collection is Pink Label Cotton Tube, a 100% cotton yarn that’s tubular in both name and structure. This special structure means that this yarn is airy, soft, and voluminous, all the qualities you need to create some very cool eye-catchers. And to demonstrate this huge creative potential, we’ve already started working on a number of Cotton Tube designs just for you. Check them out here!

Pink Label Acrylic Ribbon

Are you a craft lover looking to make stylish items for your home? Yes? Then you definitely won’t want to miss yarn number four from the Pink Label Collection: Acrylic Ribbon. As the name suggests, Pink Label Acrylic Ribbon is an acrylic ribbon yarn that is ideal for making home décor creations with a tough, robust (but soft!) edge. So, grab your handicraft tools and conjure up the best interior projects in a jiffy! For more inspiration, click here.

Pink Label Hugg

And last, but certainly not least, meet Pink Label Hugg. Are you a big fan of amigurumi or other fabulously fluffy designs, such as a soft, snuggly bathrobe for babies or a deliciously warm hat for yourself? Then Hugg, a 100% polyester yarn, is a must-have for your yarn stash! The only thing left for you to do is to choose the color. Job done!

Which colors will you go for?

Choosing the colors for your next project is half the fun, isn’t it? With Pink Label, we’ve made sure you’re spoilt for choice with an extensive palette of the latest on-trend colors. As you might have guessed from the name, we at Yarnplaza are huge fans of pink. But what’s your favorite color? Check out the spectacular colors on offer for each of these new yarn qualities and we’re certain you’ll be itching to start creating. Bright colors, neutral tones, we’ve got them all. Each color comes with its own unique girl’s name; would you have expected anything less from a bright pink yarn label? That’s what we thought!

We’re excited to see what all you make with our Pink Label Yarns. Please do share with us via social media! Share a photo of your plans and projects with us on Instagram and/or Facebook with #yarnplaza and #pinklabelyarns. That way we won’t miss your Pink Label project. And now, all that’s left to say is: Happy Handcrafting!

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