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Interlocking crochet with Yarnplaza

Interlocking crochet with Yarnplaza
Posted on 29-6-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
Learn all about interlocking crochet! With this in-depth video tutorial from Yarnplaza, you will soon be able to crochet the most exciting and beautiful interlocking crochet projects, from small potholders to XXL throw blankets. 

At Yarnplaza, we like to surprise, inspire, amaze, and challenge you. And today, we’re going to do all that with a brand-new video tutorial. In this video, Amy will tell you all about a special crochet technique: Interlocking Crochet. Are you up for a crochet adventure? 

What is interlocking crochet?

Interlocking crochet, sometimes called double filet crochet, produces a fabric that closely resembles mosaic crochet, but is in fact worked quite differently. By crocheting a simple mesh using double crochets (US terms) and chain stitches, and at the same time interweaving a second mesh in a contrasting color, you can create all sorts of wonderful colorwork motifs. The best part about interlocking crochet is that most of the motifs are reversible. This means your blanket, placemat, or potholder won’t have a ‘wrong’ side. Both sides will feature an exciting pattern, with one color dominating on the front and the other on the back.

How does interlocking crochet work?

As we already mentioned, interlocking crochet is worked by crocheting filet meshes using double crochets and chain stitches. In fact, you use two contrasting colors to crochet two individual filet crochet meshes, but at the same time. By working your double crochets on the front and back of your work, through the windows of the other color mesh, the two filet meshes are interwoven, or interlocked. The most difficult part is setting up your interlocking project, the point at which the two meshes are interwoven for the first time. But don’t let that deter you! Once that stage is out the way, the rest is smooth sailing and highly addictive too. This isn’t a quick technique—after all, you are effectively crocheting two projects in one—but the results will be worth every minute of every crochet hour you spend on it.

Stylecraft Special dk 1831 Lapis
Yarn and Colors Rosé Crochet Hook 4.5 mm
Tulip Locking Stitch Markers Heart 2 Blue

Video tutorial – Interlocking Crochet

That’s enough reading and writing, let’s get started! In this video, Amy explains the technique of interlocking crochet as featured in the 2 Cosy Blanket designed by winner of the Dutch HaakSTER 2020 crochet competition, Dorine Brökling. We will crochet a swatch of one of the motifs from this blanket. You will need two contrasting colors of Stylecraft Special DK, a 4.5 mm crochet hook and four stitch markers.  Download the pattern for the 2 Cosy Blanket swatch from the video tutorial here. 

Crochet Dorine’s prize-winning interlocking crochet blanket

Now that interlocking crochet is no longer a mystery to you, it’s time to get started on your first project with this wonderful technique. Take on the challenge of the 2 Cosy Blanket, Dorine’s winning blanket from the final of the HaakSTER 2020 competition. This blanket will provide you with a summer full of crochet fun as you create this genuine eye-catcher for your home. You can order the complete crochet kit at Yarnplaza in Dorine’s original Stylecraft Special DK colorway, with its warm browns and cool green and blue tones. If you’d like to choose your own colors, simply shop the digital pattern and yarn separately. 
Happy crocheting! 
2 Cosy Blanket Crochet Kit
Crochet Pattern 2 Cosy Blanket
Stylecraft Special dk 1080 Pale Rose
Share your interlocking crochet project with us on our Facebook page or via Instagram with #yarnplaza.

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