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July is Yarnplaza Cotton Month!

July is Yarnplaza Cotton Month!
Posted on 1-7-2021 by api_more2make.nl
It’s July! Did you know that July gets its name from Julius Caesar, emperor of the Roman Empire? A fun fact for parties, right? But perhaps more importantly for all of us yarn lovers, it’s Yarnplaza Cotton Month! 'What’s that?’ We hear you ask. Let us tell you all about it in this blog post!

Special offer

We’ve selected nine of the very finest cotton yarns from five popular brands. And throughout July, we’re offering you the chance to stock up on one or two of these yarns with a 10% discount for a few days at a time. Once that yarn’s limited period is over, another fine ball of cotton will take its place with the same great discount. The offers will keep rolling until 31 July 2021.

And that’s not all! If you spend at least €35 on the yarns during their respective discount period, you’ll also receive a fun surprise gift bag from us. All you have to do is add €35’s worth of the yarn in question and use the coupon code 'surprise'at the checkout.

Save the date(s)!

Nothing beats working with cotton in the summer. No one wants to swelter under a warm woolie project while lounging on the beach. Give us a bright-colored ball of fine cotton and pass us a hook. Cold drinks on hand, the occasional refreshing dip in the pool or sea off the Adriatic coast… Summer heaven!

To make sure you have all you need to enjoy perfect handcrafting moments just like that this summer, we’re sharing the dates for when your (favorite) balls of cotton will be on sale here on the blog. That way you mark in big letters on your calendar when you need to pull out your laptop or plan your next trip to the Yarnplaza Inspiration Center. Calendar at the ready? Here we go!

Meet the yarns

SMC Catania 106 White
SMC Catania 380 Kachelblue
SMC Catania 431 Curry
SMC Catania 427 Scampi
We kick off this month with a big cotton fan favorite: SMC Catania. SMC Catania is a glossy, soft yarn made from 100% high-quality mercerized cotton. With Catania’s seriously extensive color palette, you can make the most spectacular creations. Finding the color combination of your dreams is a cinch with SMC Catania! And if you are not sure whether this yarn will be suitable for an upcomin project, let us reassure you. Catania is ideal for all sorts of knitting and crocheting projects, from amigurumi to home décor to accessories. Oh, and did you know that SMC Catania is OEKO-TEX® certified? This certifies that SMC Catania is free from any harmful substances and is produced in a human- and environmentally-friendly way. Could you possibly love Catania any more?

Pink Label Organic Cotton 055 Alexis - Misty green
Pink Label Organic Cotton 018 Lisa - Taupe
Pink Label Mixed Up 057 Heather - Fuchsia
Pink Label Mixed Up 070 Angel - Soft peach
Then it’s Pink Label Yarns Organic Cotton and Mixed Up’s turn. Let’s begin with Organic Cotton, another great eco-friendly yarn! Pink Label Organic Cotton has a thin thread made from 100% soft, unmercerized organic cotton. Each little ball can be transformed into a whole variety of great items. Make a sweet little sweater for your (grand)child, crochet reusable cotton pads, get started on a handmade bag, or treat yourself to a new home accessory. It’s all possible with Pink Label Organic Cotton!

Another Pink Label yarn taking part in the Yarnplaza Cotton Month is Mixed Up, the ideal yarn for making amigurumi. This yarn consists of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. Because Mixed Up is so wonderfully soft, it also lends itself really well to making clothing and home décor items. In short, a true all-rounder!

Durable Cosy Fine 352 Lime
Durable Cosy Fine 2180 Bright Yellow
Durable Coral 261 Lilac
Durable Coral 2138 Pacific Green
Midway through our Yarnplaza Cotton Month, we’re slashing the prices of Durable’s Coral and Cosy Fine. Both yarns will be up for grabs with a 10% discount from 14 to 20 July. Durable Coral is a beautifully soft and shiny crochet cotton suitable for slightly thinner needles and hooks (2.5 – 3.5 mm). This yarn is made from 100% mercerized cotton and can be shopped in a wonderful array of... wait for it... 85 different colors! That way you can crochet or knit accessories, home décor, kids’ clothes, and sweet amigurumi, all in your favorite colors!

Durable Cosy Fine is a cotton-acrylic blend suitable for slightly thicker 4 mm needles and hooks. This means that Cosy Fine is ideal for large summer projects, such as cardigans and shawls. Cosy Fine's color palette matches Durable Coral's range seamlessly, perfect if you’re looking to create matching sets of different projects.

Phildar Phil Coton 3 1363 Pin
Phildar Phil Coton 3 2151 Opaline
Next, we bring you three phenomenal yarns from Yarn and Colors. Starting with Yarn and Colors Must-Have. This yarn is made from 100% mercerized cotton and comes in no fewer than 101 colors! The thread feels soft and has a subtle shine to it, making it ideal for amigurumi, home décor, and clothing. Must-Have is also OEKO-TEX® certified, so this all-rounder a great choice for the planet and all those involved in producing it. And have we mentioned the extensive color palette?!

Are you looking for a soft yarn made from 100% cotton with a matte look for your next project? Then give Yarn and Colors Epic a try! Epic has a matte, natural look and is perfect for all kinds of projects. Is this yarn’s color palette as extensive as its Must-Have sibling? Yes, it sure is! You can shop Yarn and Colors Epic in no fewer than 102 colors. Just think of the color combinations and permutations you can use in your crochet or knitting project. Wow!

Alongside Epic and Must-Have, we give you Yarn and Colors Baby Fabulous. The name says it all; Baby Fabulous is fabulous! A fine, soft, and super versatile cotton-acrylic blend suitable for needle/hook sizes 4-5 mm and available in 35 beautiful colors. This yarn has a wonderful, smooth structure, making it a pleasure to knit or crochet with. What will you make with Yarn and Colors Baby Fabulous?

Yarn and Colors Baby Fabulous 072 Glass
Yarn and Colors Epic 002 Cream
Yarn and Colors Must-have 047 Old Pink
Last, but certainly not least, we’re offering you two yarns from Phildar. Phildar Phil Coton 3 has been a hugely popular cotton for many years. Why? That’s because Phil Coton 3 doesn’t split while you knit or crochet with it and is enriched with aloe vera. This makes the yarn extra soft and soothing to touch and means that Phil Coton 3 is a real pleasure both to work with and to wear or use!

The final cotton we’re showcasing in our Yarnplaza Cotton Month is Phildar Phil Coton 4. Just like Phil Coton 3, this yarn is enriched with aloe vera and comes in the same great color palette. The only difference is the thickness of the yarn. Phil Coton 3 is a sport-weight yarn suitable for needle/hook sizes 2.5 – 3 mm, while Phil Coton 4 is a DK-weight yarn suitable for needle/hook sizes 3.5 – 4 mm. Which team are you on? Team Coton 3 or Team Coton 4?

We hope you have a blast crocheting and knitting with these cottons this summer. And if you fancy an extra treat, then make sure you spend at least €35 on your favorite yarn during its sale period to receive a lovely surprise gift bag from us. Don't forget to use the coupon code 'surprise'!

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