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Our Top 10 Cotton Yarns

Our Top 10 Cotton Yarns
Posted on 6-9-2021 by api_more2make.nl
Have you met the 10 best cotton yarns at Yarnplaza.com yet? This year, we’ve added loads of great yarns to our cotton collection, and we would love to introduce you to our favorite newcomers (as well as some timeless classics). The possibilities with cotton are endless, but don’t just take our word for it...

The cotton plant can be found on almost every continent, and as a fiber, cotton has been used for thousands of years to make clothes. However, cotton imports to Central Europe only began in the late Middle Ages. Without much knowledge of the origin of the material (apart from that it came from a plant), people of the time imagined that the white balls of fluff came from plant-borne sheep! Yes, actual sheep. On trees. Today, China is the world's largest cotton producer, but most of it is processed within the country itself. The largest exporter of cotton for many years has in fact been the US.

Cotton yarn is perfect for summer. Why is cotton cooler and wool warmer? The secret is in the fibers…

Wool fibers are scaly and very curly. This natural kinkiness traps air between the fibers, creating a layer of insulation that helps you stay warm.
Cotton fibers, on the other hand, are much smoother. Under a microscope, cotton fibers have a corkscrew shape. When spun, these already twisty fibers twist further and cling tighter to each other. This means that cotton cannot trap air as well as wool, and therefore feels cooler on the skin.

Meet our most popular (and newest) cotton yarns here:

1. Durable Coral Mini
Durable Coral has been popular for over 30 years. To celebrate this milestone, Durable has introduced mini balls of this soft, shiny crochet cotton. Like their big sibling, the mini balls are available in over 85 different colors and made from 100% mercerized cotton. These 20-gram balls are ideal for crocheting small or colorful amigurumi and adding details, such as eyes or noses, to your soft toys.
Durable Coral 228 Raspberry
Durable Coral Mini 224 Old rose

2. Yarn and Colors Must-Have
Color me happy! Must-Have by Yarn and Colors is made from 100% mercerized cotton, which gives it a lovely subtle shine. It is pleasantly soft and comes in a spectacular array of 102 colors, so you are guaranteed to find your favorite color. Browse through all the fabulous shades and start your must-have collection for making amigurumi, home décor, and handmade clothing! Bonus fact: Yarn and Colors Must-Have is OEKO-TEX® certified.
Yarn and Colors Must-have 071 Riverside
Yarn and Colors Must-have Minis 072 Glass

3. Yarn and Colors Epic
Made from 100% cotton, with a matte look and a soft feel, Epic from Yarn and Colors is suitable for all kinds of projects, from potholders and cuddly toys to clothing and home accessories. As with their Must-Have, Epic also comes in a selection of 102 colors. What would you say to a new summer top, or a chic bag made with Yarn and Colors Epic? 
Yarn and Colors Epic 041 Coral
Yarn and Colors Epic Complete Colour Pack

4. Pink Label Organic Cotton
New in our assortment since the spring: Meet Organic Cotton from Pink Label Yarns. A yarn carefully curated by us and of which we are particularly proud. It is made from 100% soft organic cotton and can be used for all sorts of projects. Ideal for cuddly toys or a cute sweater that will be in contact with your child's sensitive skin. The color palette is selected to include our customers’ favorite go-to colors, so we are sure that you will find the perfect shade for your next project. 

Sustainability: This yarn is made from all-natural fibers and is therefore a great sustainable choice. It is produced without use of chemicals, and the process is animal-friendly.
Pink Label Organic Cotton 082 Jane - Cosy yellow
Pink Label Organic Cotton All Colors Yarn Pack

5. Schachenmayr Catania
When talking about cotton, the first yarn that comes to mind is the well-known Schachenmayr Catania. And it’s no wonder since this yarn has been around for enough years to be considered a true classic. Every year, Schachenmayr treats us to the latest trend colors, all in a single yarn pack. Catania is not only popular with amigurumi fans, but also ideal for clothing and blankets. You can find loads of free Catania patterns on our website.
SMC Catania 226 Flieder
SMC Catania Color 205 Esprit Color

6. Budgetyarn Cotton DK
The name says it all! This cotton from the brand, Budgetyarn, is a great inexpensive option for your next project. Each ball comes with 40 grams of soft cotton in one of 35 great colors, all for less than 1 euro! This yarn is perfect for making accessories, like scarves, and home décor, like blankets. And of course, it’s also great for making amigurumi! 
Budgetyarn Cotton DK 005 Clay
Budgetyarn Cotton DK 004 Birch

7. Pink Label Mixed Up
Mixed Up is a cotton-acrylic blend from the brand, Pink Label Yarns. This yarn is highly versatile. It’s suitable for making baby blankets, crochet hook cases, or adorable soft toys. You can find many lovely patterns on our website that will inspire you to give Mixed Up a try! 

Pink Label Mixed Up 030 Britt - Olive green
Pink Label Mixed Up All Colors Yarn Pack

8. Pink Label Cotton Tube
Are you looking for a very different type of yarn to give your handmade clothing a unique look? Then we recommend Pink Label Cotton Tube. Cotton Tube is made from 100% cotton with a tubular structure, which makes the yarn extra lightweight, airy, soft, and voluminous. Whether you make a cardigan or a kid’s scarf, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with this yarn! 

Pink Label Cotton Tube 060 Fay - Dark grey
Pink Label Cotton Tube All Colors Yarn Pack

9. Lana Grossa Ecopuno Hand-Dyed 
Of course, our list of top 10 cotton yarns wouldn’t be complete without a hand-dyed yarn. Lana Grossa Ecopuno is a yarn blend made from cotton (72%), merino wool (17%), and alpaca wool (11%). This special combination of fibers lends itself well to making garments you can wear all year round! As the yarn is dyed by hand, each colorway is unique, and no two skeins are alike. What all the skeins do have in common is the excellent quality we’ve come to expect from Lana Grossa. 

Lana Grossa Ecopuno Hand-Dyed 507 Surya
Lana Grossa Ecopuno 003 Yellow-Green

10. Lana Grossa Meilenweit 100 Solo Cotone Palma
#NeverNotKnitting. Even in the summer! If you love knitting socks, there’s no reason why you should give up colorful socks in the warmer months. Simply opt for a cotton-based sock yarn. Like Lana Grossa Miles 100 Solo Cotone Palma. It is made primarily from cotton, but with a small addition of polyester (Elité) to add slight elasticity to the yarn and ensure they are comfortable to knit and wear. By the way, this sock wool isn’t just great for making socks. It makes superb breathable sweaters and cardigans with fantastic color transitions. 

Sustainability: This yarn is OEKO-TEX® certified. This means that the yarn does not contain any harmful substances and is produced in a way that is kind to humans and the environment.

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