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Yarnplaza & Bea Torfs

Yarnplaza & Bea Torfs
Posted on 20-9-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
We have certainly kept you waiting for a new Yarnplaza & … collaboration, but we are sure you will all agree that the wait was worth it! Today, we are proud to introduce you to Bea Torfs, a talented Flemish designer and jack-of-all-trades, and her gorgeous new collection of knitted cable cardigans.

We can hear you thinking, Bea Torfs... Doesn’t that name ring a bell? And you would be right! Two of our bestsellers right now are the Dream Scarf 5.0 and the Hugs & Kisses Kimono, both designed by Bea herself. To showcase the many talents of this versatile Flemish designer, we simply had to embark on a special collaboration between Yarnplaza & Bea Torfs. What’s special about this collaboration is that Bea's new design isn’t just one fashion item, but an entire collection! Read on to meet the designer and find out all about her exclusive designs for Yarnplaza.

From where would most people know you?
You probably know me from the first season of the HaakSTER (Dutch CrochetSTAR competition). As a Belgian knitter, I dived in with lots of talented Dutch crocheters. Quite a challenge! I also give creative workshops at Het Betere Bolwerk. And I have a blog that features—alongside knitting and crochet patterns—reading tips and tasty recipes. Check out koekjesenboekjes.be and my Instagram-account.

Where does your passion for crochet and knitting come from?
My passion for knitting and crocheting began at home. My mother and father were quite creative, but I mainly learned handicrafts from my grandmother. She taught me to crochet and knit in kindergarten. I fell in love and haven’t stopped since, even though it wasn't very hip or cool at all, ha-ha. 

Describe your style in 3 words
I would describe my style as pretty simple. I always try to keep my designs and patterns as simple as possible so that everyone can enjoy making them. In addition, I try to create designs that are timeless. That way, you can enjoy wearing them for a long time after crocheting or knitting them. 

Amigurumi, clothing, or home décor?
If I had to choose between making amigurumi, clothes, and home décor, then I’d definitely go for clothing. I sometimes make blankets and cushions as well, but I find making clothes the most rewarding. I usually make clothes for myself, but friends have also benefited from my knitting skills. My son and husband tend to get hot very quickly, so unfortunately, I can't make much for them. 

Which project are you most proud of?
I’m usually most proud of whatever I made last, but this time I got to design an entire collection, the cable cardigans collection. I love how beautiful this collection has turned out and hope that many others will agree.
Who or what is your greatest source of inspiration?
I find inspiration from lots of different sources. But in terms of my fellow designers, I really enjoy following Sascha Blase-van Wagtendonk (@alasascha). Lisanne van Multem (@happyhandmadeliving) also creates beautiful collections. And of course, there’s the winner of our season of the HaakSTER, Linda Modderman (@lindamodderman). 

Would you rather: go out for dinner or crochet/knit the night away in peace?
If I could, I would choose both. I like going out for a bite to eat, but afterwards I always need a quiet moment to myself, even if it is 2am. So, after getting home from dinner, I always like to crochet or knit for half an hour. 

Which other handicraft has stolen your heart?
The first craft I mastered was knitting. I also think it’s the most popular handicraft technique in Belgium. However, during the HaakSTER competition, I rediscovered my passion for crochet and also started delving into Tunisian crochet. Super addictive! Tunisian crochet is kind of a combination of knitting and crochet, in that you have several stitches on your hook at a time which you then work off.  So, if you can't choose between crochet and knitting, Tunisian crochet is the answer.

Who is your biggest fan?
I think my son and my husband are my biggest fans. But certainly, through the workshops, I’ve met a very large group of cheerleaders. I always love seeing how they react to new designs.

Who rolls their eyes whenever you pick up your hook or needles?
My husband, when we come home late, and I pick up my knitting needles or crochet hook for half an hour.
Where’s your favorite place to knit or crochet?
I always have a project with me in my bag. It could be a sock that I’m knitting or the start of a scarf. It makes a great icebreaker; if you are out and about with either a dog or a handicraft project, then everyone will approach you. 

What’s in your stash?
Above all else, my yarn stash is substantial. I have a yarn chest from my grandmother that contains wool that is older than me. Over the years, a lot more yarn has also made its way into it.

What are your craft essentials?
I like to have a drink and snack on hand when I sit down to craft, and I love listening to books. Crafting gives you less time to read, so audiobooks are a perfect alternative. 

Who is worth following on social media?
Definitely Linda Modderman (@lindamodderman). I think she makes so many lovely things which she also photographs so beautifully. A feast for the eyes. 

Tell us about your collection for Yarnplaza
My design process usually starts out quite organically.  I’ll have a picture in mind of what I want to design, but the details emerge more gradually. In this case, it was the cable detail on the back of the cardigans and the front of the sweater vest that makes them just that little bit more exciting. I also wanted it to be a cardigan that you could wear all year round. That's why I chose Elegant, which is so wonderfully light to wear. 

Knitting Kits Bea Torfs Collection

Have you also fallen in love with Bea Torfs’ cable cardigans? Then order your kit now to make the most delightfully fluffy and timeless cardigan. You can choose between long and short versions of the cardigan, with the added choice of knitting sleeves or going sleeveless. In addition to the cardigans, there is also a kit to knit a trendy sweater vest and a triangular scarf. The garments come in sizes S to XXL, and all the designs are knitted with Yarn and Colors Elegant in the colors Cream, Chestnut, Pea Green, Graphite, and Rosé.
Bea Cardigan Knitting Kit
Bea Short Cardigan Without Sleeves Knitting Kit
Bea Short Cardigan Knitting Kit
Bea Long Cardigan Without Sleeves Knitting Kit
Bea Sweater Vest Knitting Kit
Bea Triangular Scarf Knitting Kit

Knitting Patterns Bea Torfs Collection

Prefer to choose your own colors and/or yarn? Then all the patterns are also available separately for just €3,26 (excl. VAT).
Knitting Pattern Bea Cardigan
Knitting Pattern Bea Sweater Vest
Knitting Pattern Bea Short Cardigan
Knitting Pattern Bea Long Cardigan Without Sleeves
Knitting Pattern Bea Short Cardigan Without Sleeves
Knitting Pattern Bea Triangular Scarf

Learn how to knit cables with Bea

Not sure if you can manage knitting the cables? Don’t let that stop you! Shop your kit now and make sure you are ready to join the free cable knitting course with Bea in 2 weeks’ time! That way, knitting your Bea cardigan or sweater vest will be a piece of cake. The online course starts on Monday 4 October and will teach you how to knit cables in 5 steps over 5 days with free video tutorials.

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