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Stitch of the Month: Crochet Suzette Stitch

Stitch of the Month: Crochet Suzette Stitch
Posted on 1-11-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
November is here! A blanket on the sofa, a pair of wrist warmers, a headband, or a shawl for when you head outdoors… These are just a few of life’s essentials as the days grow colder and shorter. And of course, nothing beats crocheting these fun accessories yourself. Say, with Suzette stitch which we are showcasing this month at Yarnplaza. 

What is Suzette stitch?

Suzette stitch is a very simple crochet stitch that is a pleasure to crochet. By working a single crochet and double crochet (US terms) into a single stitch and skipping the next, you create a dense crochet fabric with a lovely texture. Given the compact nature of Suzette stitch, we suggest that you use a larger hook than the size recommended on the yarn label. That way you get the best results and a nice, supple fabric. 

What can you crochet with Suzette stitch?

Because Suzette stitch produces such a dense fabric, it’s ideal for projects intended to keep you warm. Think of baby blankets and throws, shawls, scarves, and headbands. Suzette stitch is also perfect for cushion covers, bags, crochet cases, or even cardigans.

Free crochet pattern: Suzette Stitch

Find the free Suzette stitch pattern here below. Adapt this pattern to create all sorts of great projects. Grab your yarn and crochet hook to give this fun stitch a go. To lend you a helping hand, we’ve also put together a video tutorial for you.

For this swatch, you will need:
- 1 ball of Yarn and Colors Joy
- Crochet hooks 5.0 and 5.5 mm
Yarn and Colors Joy 007 Cigar
KnitPro Waves crochet hook 5,00mm
KnitPro Waves crochet hook 5,50mm
Abbreviations used (US terms; UK in brackets)
ch chain
st stitch
sc single crochet (UK double crochet)
dc double crochet (UK treble)
rep repeat
(…) work stitches in brackets in same stitch

With 5.5 mm hook, ch 32 for foundation ch. Adjust width by using multiple of 2 for foundation ch. 

Row 1: Change to 5 mm hook. Work (1 sc, 1 dc) in 2nd ch from hook, *skip 1 ch, (1 sc, 1 dc) in next ch. Rep from * to end of row but work 1 SC ONLY in last ch. Ch 1, turn work.
Row 2: Work (1 sc, 1 dc) in sc from previous row, *skip 1 st, (1 sc, 1 dc) in next st. Rep from * to end of row but work 1 SC ONLY in last st. Ch 1, turn work.
Rep rows 1 & 2 until work is desired length.
For our swatch, we crocheted 26 rows in total.

Video tutorial: Suzette Stitch

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