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Christmas Tree AdventCAL 2021

Christmas Tree AdventCAL 2021
Posted on 2-11-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen
CHRISTMAS! It's almost that time of the year again and we can't wait. Have you already dug out your Christmas sweaters, watched the Home Alone movies back-to-back, added several Christmas Hits playlists to your music library, marveled at the Christmas displays at your local mall, and maybe even secretly put up the Christmas tree? Then the Yarnplaza AdventCAL 2021 is just for you. Read all about the best Christmas CAL of the year (with free patterns!) in this post.

Putting up the Christmas tree to wonderful Christmas classics like Last Christmas, Driving Home for Christmas, and Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming). It's a family tradition we all eagerly look forward to as the days get shorter. This year, in addition to our big sparkling Christmas tree, we are also decorating another beautiful version. A DIY Christmas tree bedecked with crocheted Christmas ornaments. If you are as big a fan of Christmas and crochet as us, then you simply won’t want to miss the Yarnplaza AdventCAL 2021.

Christmas Tree AdventCAL 

The Yarnplaza Christmas CAL this year is a Christmas tree decorated with crocheted ornaments. The base structure is a sturdy, cardboard Christmas tree, approx. 57 cm high and 48 cm wide. The Christmas tree has cut-out spaces for 24 unique, crocheted decorations. This year, you can choose between two different kits and crochet either a traditional Christmas tree or jolly Christmas tree. Let us introduce you to both:

Traditional Christmas Tree Crochet Kit
The name says it all! With this kit, you can crochet twenty-four traditional Christmas ornaments in typical Christmas colors. The kit comes with balls of cotton Yarn and Colors Must-Have in shades of green and red, plus a selection of neutral and earthy tones. In the run-up to Christmas, you will crochet Christmas baubles, a bell, a star, Santa Claus, and so much more. 

Jolly Christmas Tree Crochet Kit
If you like bright candy colors and unusual Christmas decorations, then you'll love our Jolly Christmas Tree Crochet Kit. Twenty-four trendy Christmas ornaments in fun, striking colors with which to decorate your tree at the end of the Christmas CAL. Count down to Christmas by crocheting a dinosaur, unicorn, donut, rainbow, ice cream, car, the list goes on, with balls of Yarn and Colors Must-Have.

Order AdventCAL Crochet Kit now

Both the Traditional Christmas Tree Crochet Kit and the Jolly Christmas Tree Crochet Kit are available to pre-order (until 18 November 2021) for just € 41.28 (excl. VAT) with a € 4.13 pre-order discount. After that date, the kits can be ordered at full-price for € 45.41 (excl. VAT). Please note: There is only limited stock of both kits available, and once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Each crochet kit comes with the following items:
- Cardboard Christmas tree
- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Glamour
- 13 balls Yarn and Colors Must-Have
- 50 grams stuffing
- Prym Darning Needles Nr. 5/0-1/0
- 10 wooden beads (only in the Traditional crochet kit)

You’ll also need: 
- Crochet hook 2mm 
- Stitch markers 
The Traditional Christmas Tree AdventCAL Crochet Kit
The Jolly Christmas Tree AdventCAL Crochet Kit
Tulip Etimo Red Crochet Hook 2.50mm
Yarnplaza Locking Stitch Marker Set

From 1 December, find a free crochet pattern here on the blog every day

The AdventCAL starts on 1 December. From that date, every day until Christmas Eve, we will release two free crochet patterns here on this blog post, one for the traditional Christmas tree and one for the jolly Christmas tree. The patterns are free to download, clearly written, and suitable for anyone familiar with the basic crochet stitches. See you on 1 December! 

Traditional Christmas Tree Crochet Patterns

Jolly Christmas Tree Crochet Patterns

Are you crocheting along? Share your Christmas ornaments with us on Facebook and/or Instagram with #yarnplaza! We look forward to seeing all your makes and counting down to Christmas together!

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