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Dream Blanket 6.0 | All the info you need – Yarnplaza.com

Dream Blanket 6.0 | All the info you need – Yarnplaza.com
Posted on 9-11-2021 by Janita van Rijnsbergen

Six already! Today we are adding the Dream Blanket 6.0 to the Yarnplaza Dream Collection. And guys, we are so very proud of it. Find out everything there is to know about the Dream Blanket 6.0 in this blog post. It is just as fabulous as its predecessors, but completely different…

Dream Blanket 6.0, a mosaic masterpiece for everyone

Subscribers to our newsletter have already heard the good news: There’s a new Dream Blanket on the way! And today’s the day. We proudly present to you the Dream Blanket 6.0. A crocheted and knitted throw blanket, both made using their respective mosaic techniques. If you’re not familiar with mosaic crochet or knitting, then now is your chance to learn with this fantastic throw blanket as the result. As always, we will provide you with extensive video tutorials and a clearly written pattern with charts. That way anyone familiar with the basics of knitting or crochet can take part in the CAL/KAL. 

Dream Blanket 6.0 for your dream home

The Dream Blanket 6.0 is a mosaic masterpiece fit for the home of your dreams. To ensure that your blanket fits in with the rest of your décor, we have put together kits in no fewer than 10 different colorways. There is a kit with soft pastel shades that is perfect for a light, Scandinavian-style interior. The kit with ruddy brown shades of Chestnut and Sunset will add warmth, while the kit with blue shades of Denim and Navy is calming. We also have a kit with neutral tones that would look great in any home. Browse through all 10 kits and pick the colors that best suit your personal interior style. 

Order your kit so you’re ready for the Dream Blanket 6.0 CAL/KAL

The Dream Blanket 6.0 Crochet Along (CAL) and Knit Along (KAL) starts on 11 January 2022. When you order your kit, you will receive part of the pattern by email every Tuesday at 12:00 PM (noon, CET) for 10 weeks. Over the course of these 10 weeks, we will knit and crochet a dream of a blanket together using the clearly-written pattern, a chart, and accompanying video tutorials. 

In addition to access to the CAL (crochet) or KAL (knitting), the kit also comes with all the yarn you need. This year we are knitting and crocheting with a brand-new yarn, Yarn and Colors Amazing, made from 100% recycled acrylic. Plus, when you purchase a kit, you will also receive a sustainable jute bag with the Dream logo as well as the exclusive Dream Blanket Label.

Free your inner interior designer and create your own color combination

Have you fallen in love with the Dream Blanket 6.0, but have different colors in mind? No problem! You can purchase access to the Crochet Along and Knit Along on its own for € 5,79. With this virtual access pass, you are registered as a participant and will receive part of the pattern and the instruction videos every Tuesday for 10 weeks, starting on 11 January 2022.

And of course, don’t forget to order the necessary yarn, Yarn and Colors Amazing. There are 45 colors to choose from, so you are sure to find your dream combination among them. For the Dream Blanket 6.0, you need 5 different colors in the following quantities:

Number of Yarn and Colors Amazing balls needed for the crocheted Dream Blanket 6.0 
- 7 balls in color A
- 3 balls in colors B and D
- 2 balls in color C
- 1 ball in color E

Number of Yarn and Colors Amazing balls needed for the knitted Dream Blanket 6.0
- 6 balls Yarn and Colors Amazing in color A
- 2 balls Yarn and Colors Amazing in colors B, C, and D
- 1 ball Yarn and Colors Amazing in color E

Other requirements

You’ve ordered your kit or access to the CAL/KAL and your yarn. Great! Don’t forget to make sure you have the following tools and accessories ready to go as well:

- Crochet hooks 3.5 mm, 4 mm, and 4.5 mm or circular knitting needle 4.5 mm with a 100 cm cable 
- Stitch markers
- Row counter
- Tapestry needle
- Scissors
- Optional: Blocking equipment 
- For the knitted Dream Blanket 6.0: Wool bobbins

Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set
KnitPro Zing Interchangeable Circular Knitting Needles 4,5mm
Knitpro Interchangeable Cable Black 120cm
Yarnplaza Locking Stitch Marker Set

Share your Dream Blanket adventure with #DreamBlanket6

The best thing about a Crochet Along and Knit Along is the community of makers all working together on the same project. Curious to see how your fellow crafters are getting on, what unique colorways they’ve come up with, and how they have styled their Dream Blanket 6.0 in their different homes? Then search the hashtag #dreamblanket6 on Instagram. And above all, don’t forget to share your own Dream Blanket journey with the same hashtag. 

Frequently asked questions about the Dream Blanket 6.0 CAL/KAL

How big is the Dream Blanket 6.0?
The crocheted Dream Blanket 6.0 is approximately 130 x 165 cm big. The size may vary depending on your personal crochet tension.
The knitted Dream Blanket 6.0 is approximately 120 x 150cm. The size may vary depending on your personal knitting tension.

How can I make the Dream Blanket 6.0 bigger?
If you want to make the crocheted blanket wider, we recommend that you work any extra repeats based on the popcorn stitch section (rows 67 to 121). This section uses a multiple of 43 + 6 stitches. 

What yarn is used to make the Dream Blanket 6.0?
The Dream Blanket 6.0 is made with the new yarn, Yarn and Colors Amazing. This yarn is made from recycled acrylic, so it is a sustainable option for your blanket. The 100-gram skeins come with 310 meters of yarn, so it has a great price-quality ratio. The yarn is soft, smooth, and easy to work with. You have an extensive color palette of no fewer than 45 shades to choose from!

My blanket does not lie flat, what can I do? 
Is your work wavy or rippling? Then try using a half or whole size smaller hook or needle. Is your work too tight or does it bunch up? Then try using a half or whole size bigger hook or needle. Small irregularities in tension can easily be resolved by blocking your work well at the end. For the best results, use specialized blocking equipment from the Yarnplaza assortment, such as blocking mats, knit blockers, and a water spray bottle.

Can I use a different yarn to make the Dream Blanket 6.0?
You can certainly use a different yarn to make the blanket. You do need to make sure that the thickness (‘yarn weight’) and yardage are a good match to the original. The thickness of the yarn will affect how many meters of yarn you need and, ultimately, the size of your blanket. In this particular case, you’re looking for a yarn with a gauge of 22 stitches x 30 rows. Then work out how many balls you need based on your chosen yarn’s own yardage.

The Dream Blanket 6.0 patterns and videos remain the property of Yarnplaza.com and may not be shared or sold in any way, digitally or physically. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch via email or telephone. Yarnplaza.com is not responsible for any yarn shortage caused by any deviation from the original blanket format or a different crochet/knitting tension. The pattern provides a clear indication of the size of the tension/gauge swatch and the kits come with an ample number of balls to make the given size and format.

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